2015 TMMP Results

2015 Trans-Murray Match Play

The fun, camaraderie and great spirit between the teams in the first TMMP made it inevitable that the event would develop into an annual tournament. After some robust debate among a committee of representatives made up of SGA Tour Members from both States, Canberra was chosen as the neutral venue for 2015 with the plan of rotating between the host States and neutral venues in the future.

The second annual Trans-Murray Match Play was held in Canberra from the 30th January to the 1st February 2015. Played at Federal Golf Club, Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club and Yowani Country Club, the two teams of 22 players representing the NSW SGA Tour and Victorian SGA Tour lined up for a 3-day Ryder Cup- style match-play showdown. Below we see the two teams in their TMMP uniforms before Day 2 action at Gungahlin Lakes.

2015 TMMP Results - NSW 25 1/2 def Vic 18 1/2

The 2015 TMMP started at the superb Federal Golf Club on Friday January 30 with the four-ball format. At the end of Day 1, NSW held a slim 6 1/2 - 4 1/2 lead over the Victorians. On Saturday, the two teams ventured to Gungahlin Lakes for the highly anticipated Canadian Foursomes format, where both players tee off and swap balls for their second shots and the best ball is then chosen and played in alternate shot fashion. After another day of close matches, NSW extended their lead by one match to lead 12 1/2 - 9 1/2.

The final day's singles matches was a rollercoaster ride all day long. Matches ebbed and flowed, and at one stage NSW held a commanding 8 match lead, only to be reeled in by the Victorians who would take the live leaderboard lead early on the back nine. The NSW team rallied, however, and with a 13 matches to 9 result on the final day to successfully defend the Trans-Murray Match Play title, winning 25 1/2 - 18 1/2. 

The margin of seven matches didn't reflect the tightness of the contest over the three days. Once again, NSW won the majority of the closest matches with the 9 matches that were a ‘1 up’ results decided on the final green going NSW’s way 6 to 3. As always, the matches were played in great spirits, and the sense of sportsmanship, pride and camaraderie was evident across the whole weekend.

Matches - Day 1 Four Balls (NSW 6 1/2 - Vic 4 1/2) Result Score
Chris Johnston & Andrew Cunneen (NSW) v Tomm Cassidy & Chris Culph (Vic) H All square
Mark Eagleston & Glenn Johnston (NSW) def Rod Tozer & Chris Morgan (Vic) NSW 2 up
Robbie O'Donnell & Lina D'Silva (NSW) def Nick Mouhtaropoulos & Olga Tozer (Vic) NSW 3 and 1
Glen McGowan & Todd Williams (NSW) def Colin Stewart & Bob Spicer (Vic) NSW 3 and 1
Paul Volck & Michael Pashley (NSW) def Brett Harkin & Joe Bugeja (Vic) NSW 1 up
Linda Lea & Steve Fekete (NSW) def Ian Crotty & Dave Hennessy (Vic) Vic 1 up
Darren Nelson & Dean Mitchell (Vic) def Neil Carpenter & Peter Dennis (NSW) Vic 2 and 1
Paul Himarios & Dmitri Lantides (Vic) def Carl D'Silva & Stuart Read (NSW) Vic 5 and 3
Matthew Pitt & Stuart Jarvis (Vic) def Albert Nasralla & Bryan Norris (NSW) Vic 3 and 2
Nathan Smith & Geoff Flowers (NSW) def Mark Henderson & Wayne Ball (Vic) NSW 2 up
Phill McGurk & Keith Morgan (NSW) def Pete Solomou & Colm Barry (Vic) Vic 1 up


Matches - Day 2 Foursomes (NSW 6 - Vic 5) Result Score
Robbie O'Donnell & Mark Eagleston (NSW) def Mark Henderson & Tomm Cassidy (Vic) NSW 1 up
Bob Spicer & Joe Bugeja (Vic) def Carl D'Silva & Bryan Norris (NSW) Vic 1 up
Glen McGowan & Pete Dennis (NSW) def Colin Stewart & Brett Harkin (Vic) NSW 2 and 1
Neil Carpenter & Michael Pashley (NSW) v Wayne Ball & Rod Tozer (Vic) H All square
Dave Hennessy & Colm Barry (Vic) def Andrew Cunneen & Paul Volck (NSW) Vic 7 and 6
Nathan Smith & Keith Morgan (NSW) def Stuart Jarvis & Darren Nelson (Vic) NSW 3 and 2
Phill McGurk & Steve Fekete (NSW) v Chris Culph & Chris Morgan (Vic) H All square
Nick Mouhtaropoulos & Paul Himarios def Todd Williams & Linda Lea (NSW) Vic 1 up
Chris Johnston & Glenn Johnston (NSW) def Matthew Pitt & Ian Crotty (Vic) NSW 4 and 3
Dean Mitchell & Olga Tozer (Vic) def Albert Nasralla & Lina D'Silva (NSW) Vic 2 and 1
Stuart Read & Geoff Flowers (NSW) def Pete Solomou & Dmitri Lantides (Vic) NSW 3 and 2


Matches - Day 3 Singles (NSW 13 - Vic 9) Result Score
Dean Mitchell (Vic) def Bryan Norris (NSW) Vic 3 and 2
Pete Solomou (Vic) def Albert Nasralla (NSW) Vic 2 up
Linda Lea (NSW) def Olga Tozer (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Steve Fekete (NSW) v Darren Nelson (Vic) H All square
Glen McGowan (NSW) v Mark Henderson (Vic) H All square
Brett Harkin (Vic) def Chris Johnston (NSW) Vic 3 and 1
Glenn Johnston (NSW) def Wayne Ball (Vic) NSW 3 and 1
Phill McGurk (NSW) def Bob Spicer (Vic) NSW 1 up
Mark Eagleston (NSW) def Nick Mouhtaropoulos (Vic) NSW 4 and 3
Robbie O'Donnell (NSW) def Matthew Pitt (Vic) NSW 2 and 1
Neil Carpenter (NSW) def Stuart Jarvis (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Dave Hennessy (Vic) def Peter Dennis (NSW) Vic 4 and 2
Ian Crotty (Vic) def Andrew Cunneen (NSW) Vic 3 and 2
Colm Barry (Vic) def Michael Pashley (NSW) Vic 7 and 5
Nathan Smith (NSW) def Chris Culph (Vic) NSW 2 up
Carl D'Silva (NSW) def Rod Tozer (Vic) NSW 6 and 5
Keith Morgan (NSW) def Chris Morgan (Vic) NSW 2 up
Tomm Cassidy (Vic) def Lina D'Silva (NSW) Vic 1 up
Paul Himarios (Vic) def Todd Williams (NSW) Vic 2 and 1
Geoff Flowers (NSW) def Dmitri Lantides (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Paul Volck (NSW) def Colin Stewart (Vic) NSW 1 up
Stuart Read (NSW) def Joe Bugeja (Vic) NSW 4 and 2