Bearii CC article by SGA's Matthew Pitt in Feb edition of Australian Golf Digest magazine

The February edition of Australian Golf Digest, Australia’s premier golf magazine, features an article by SGA founder Matthew Pitt on the remarkable story of how Kenny Miller’s backyard chipping green has grown into one of the most unique private golf courses in Australia. Near the small town of Bearii up on the mighty Murray River, Ken has created a private golfing oasis for family and friends that has playing surfaces to rival the finest golf courses in Australia. See the cover page and an excerpt below and click here for a PDF download of the full article as it appeared in the magazine.

Bearii Country Club – Population: 1 by Matthew Pitt

The mighty Murray River is the home to a glorious collection of magnificent Australian golf courses - most of them well known to Australian golf travellers. But somewhere between Rich River and Tocumwal, just past the tiny Victorian town of Bearii with its population of 136, there is a golf course like no other.

At the end of a gravel road on the edge of the Barmah Forest is a remote property with a stunning emerald oasis of santa ana couch grass. Threading through magnificent Red Gums are manicured fairways, perfectly level teeing grounds, landscaped garden beds and green complexes with challenging bunkering. There is a tree-lined driveway that winds through the golf course to what looks like a great white clubhouse in the centre of the property.

Welcome to the exclusive Bearii Country Club with its membership of one. There is a fella riding a mower who is a typical looking green-keeper with a casual, hard-working cragginess about him. He is wearing thongs, jogging shorts, a well-worn polo, an old golf hat and ear-muffs. There is a happy-go-lucky nature about him with one corner of his mouth turned up in a half-smile like he is ready to crack a joke any second. Meet Kenny Miller.

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