Tassie shines for 2024 SGA Tasman Classic

Tassie Shines for 2024 SGA Tasman Classic

Our 2024 SGA Tasman Classic was, in a word, sensational. The course, staff, weather (and players!) were all top notch. With plenty of sunshine and little-to-no wind, it was a perfect golf weekend.

Friday - R1 - Bougle Run

A spectacular day in Tassie for the first day of our 2024 SGA Tasman Classic. A booked-out field of golfers from across Australia descended upon Barnbougle for R1 of the event, which teed off at the 14-hole short course, Bougle Run. And though it is a short course, it was anything but easy, with tricky approaches, sloped greens and elevation changes. But it was most definitely a LOT of a fun.

Saturday - R2 - Barnbougle Dunes

Simply amazing weather on the Saturday, on a world-class course, for Round 2 of the 2024 SGA Tasman Classic. The day was a corker at Barnbougle Dunes, and the players were smiling ear to ear (despite a few lost balls, a thieving crow, and some tricky lies!).

Sunday - R3 - Lost Farm

A chilly morning greeting players on Sunday, but the cold temperatures soon gave way to glorious sunshine, with barely a cloud in the sky, and a bare whisper of a breeze. In short, it was a magnificent day for golf.

Congratulations to our winners: A Grade: Chris Harris on 52.5 points (pipping Darren Mason on 51.5.) B Grade: Chris O'Reilly on 50.5 points (narrowly edging Dean Connell on 50 points). C Grade: Tony Snoyman 57.5 points (and best overall) over Michael Soden, 52 points.
(In the SGA Staff competition, a fast-finishing Richard Fellner fell agonisingly short of a beating the fast-sinking Dean Miller. In the end, Deano captured the SGA bikkies by half a point!)

Final Scores - 2024 SGA Tasman Classic

Player R1 R2 R3 Total Points
Tony Snoyman 20.00 19.50 18.00 57.50
Chris Harris 15.50 18.00 19.00 52.50
Michael Soden 17.00 18.00 17.00 52.00
Darren Mason 20.00 14.00 17.50 51.50
Chris O'reilly 16.50 18.00 16.00 50.50
Dean Connell 13.00 18.00 19.00 50.00
Darren Wildridge 19.00 19.00 11.00 49.00
Dean Miller 18.00 16.00 13.50 47.50
Adam Lee 14.50 12.50 20.00 47.00
Richard Fellner 10.00 17.00 20.00 47.00
Glen Gregory 9.00 20.00 17.50 46.50
John McCredie 18.50 12.50 14.50 45.50
Anthony Harwood 13.50 15.00 15.50 44.00
Diane Moody 20.00 13.50 10.00 43.50
Michael Sharp 19.00 6.00 18.00 43.00
Aaron Henderson 18.00 18.00 7.00 43.00
Devon Spindler 11.50 11.00 20.00 42.50
Rory Williams 6.50 17.00 19.00 42.50
Hamish Williams 14.50 13.50 14.00 42.00
David Soden 9.50 20.00 12.00 41.50
Thijs van Berkel 14.50 10.50 14.50 39.50
Conal Walsh 15.50 12.50 11.00 39.00
Christopher Hall 18.50 14.00 6.50 39.00
Phoebe Burfield 14.50 7.00 17.00 38.50
Justin Gao 12.50 19.50 5.00 37.00
Chris Moody 16.00 6.00 14.50 36.50
Rob Robinson 9.00 15.50 10.00 34.50
Mark Henderson 16.50 9.50 8.50 34.50
Paula Brockfield 12.50 7.00 14.50 34.00
Kane Lawler 13.50 9.50 11.00 34.00
Luke Cahill 17.00 8.00 9.00 34.00
Joel Werman 6.00 13.50 14.00 33.50
Rod Kempton 11.50 13.50 8.50 33.50
David Kroser 7.00 9.50 15.50 32.00
William Hogg 8.00 8.00 14.00 30.00
Jeff Levin 9.50 9.50 11.00 30.00
Graeme Snell 7.00 16.00 6.00 29.00
Mark Smith 6.50 10.50 11.50 28.50
Geoff Carrick 11.00 8.50 9.00 28.50
Peter Grainger 11.50 11.00 6.00 28.50
Alex Robertson 8.00 6.50 13.50 28.00
Alan Burke 4.00 15.50 8.00 27.50
Anthony Sams 6.00 12.50 8.00 26.50
Angus Hosie 9.00 5.00 11.50 25.50
Neill Smith 11.50 6.50 7.00 25.00
Darragh Walsh 9.00 8.50 6.50 24.00
Conor O'Toole 5.00 4.00 4.00 13.00


Thanks to the entire staff (and caddies - especially Bill) at Barnbougle Dunes and Barnbougle Lost Farm for a spectacular weekend. The customer service across the entire facility was world-class. And a special thanks to our sponsors Srixon Australia & New Zealand, Garmin Australia, MGI Golf, Drummond Golf, Heathcote Winery and Card.Gift.

2024 SGA Autumn Classic a Blast in Bright

2024 SGA Autumn Classic a Blast in Bright and Myrtleford


Awesome weather, jaw-dropping scenery and a pair of wonderful golf courses greeted golfers at the 2024 SGA Autumn Classic, held in Victoria's High Country towns of Bright and Myrtleford on April 19-21, 2024

The booked-out field enjoyed sunshine, great golf, plenty of laughs and heaps of camaraderie, with some stellar scoring in the Pairs Better Ball and Individual Stableford competitions.

Friday - Warm-up Day

Many of the golfers enjoyed an early start to the weekend's festivities, taking part in the optional warm-up round at Bright GC. With blue skies, warm autumn weather and a golf course in top condition, the field were treated to fun, relaxing and rewarding day on the fairways.

Atholl Johnstone took the day's honours, with a solid 34 points. He edged Joel Matthews (32), with Duncan Lendrum third on 31. Rounding out the top 5 were Drew Hallam, Chris O'Reilly and Richard Fellner, all on 30 points.

Saturday - R1

A gorgeous day for Round 1, as our golfers teed it up at the beautiful Myrtleford Golf Club. The course proved to be a stern test, but thoroughly enjoyable.
In the individual comp, Tony Sturesteps and Chris Mchale jumped to the lead with 38 points, narrowly ahead of Paula Brockfield (37) and Michael O'Sullivan (34) and Matthew Leahy (34).
In the Teams Better Ball, Team Thompson + Sturesteps led the field on 43 points, ahead of Brockfield + de Silva (42), Jones + Burfield (41) and Bizzotto + Leahy (41)

Sunday - R2

Round 2 was a chilly (er...FRESH) morning. But when the sun came out, the guns came out, and there was some serious jockeying on the leaderboard.

In the Individual Event, Chris Mchale took top honours on a solid two-round total of 68 total points, edging Michael O'Sullivan and Tony Sturesteps on 66. Margaret Summerhill was one shot back on 65, with Phoebe Burfield rounding out the top 5 on 62 points.

For the Teams BB event, Phoebe Burfield and Ivan Jones took the trophy with an impressive 82 total points. In 2nd place were Judy Hay and Margaret Summerhill on 79 points, on countback from Cameron Thompson and Tony Sturesteps. Rounding out the top 5 were the teams of Michael O'Sullivan + Hamish Macphee, and Nathan O'Sullivan + Jeremy O'Sullivan, both teams on 78 points.


We'd like to thank our host clubs, Myrtleford Golf Club and Bright Country Golf Club for having us. Special thanks to Michael and the team at Bright Chalet for the lovely accommodation, food and the assistance in hosting the event.

A warm thank you to all of our players for joining us for a great weekend - you are the reason why our events are so fun and successful. A special thanks to our sponsors, Srixon Australia & New Zealand, MGI Golf, Garmin Australia, Drummond Golf, Heathcote Winery and TCN for their generous prizes.

Final Scores - 2024 SGA Autumn Classic

Pairs Best Ball

Pos. Team Total
Stableford Points
R1 R2
1 Jones + Burfield 82 41 41
T2 Hay + Summerhill 79 39 40
Thompson + Sturesteps 79 43 36
T4 O'Sullivan + Macphee 78 39 39
O'Sullivan + O'Sullivan 78 39 39
6 Mchale + Goyne 77 39 38
7 Fellner + Johnstone 76 37 39
T8 Bizzotto + Leahy 75 41 34
Brugman + Chow 75 40 35
10 Brockfield + de Silva 74 42 32
T11 Lendrum + O'Reilly 72 37 35
Warwick + Matthews 72 36 36
Hallam + Clelland 72 36 36
14 Hayes + Jones 68 37 31
T15 Elisaia + Hannah 67 31 36
Porter + Nightingale 67 34 33
Steer + Doran 67 38 29
Anandeswaran + Dunleavy 67 34 33
19 Dunn + Andrew 65 33 32
20 Nickeas + Hornblower 64 34 30

Singles Stableford

Pos. Player Total
Stableford Points
R1 R2
1 Chris Mchale 68 38 30
T2 Michael O'Sullivan 66 34 32
Tony Sturesteps 66 38 28
4 Margaret Summerhill 65 32 33
5 Phoebe Burfield 62 27 35
T6 Matthew Leahy 61 34 27
Paula Brockfield 61 37 24
Ivan Jones 61 34 27
T9 Hamish Macphee 60 29 31
Richard Fellner 60 32 28
T11 Jeremy O'Sullivan 59 31 28
Paul Bizzotto 59 32 27
Krishnan Anandeswaran 59 31 28
T14 Cameron Thompson 58 29 29
David Warwick 58 32 26
T16 Duncan Lendrum 57 28 29
Drew Hallam 57 29 28
T18 Chris O'Reilly 56 28 28
Oliver Chow 56 28 28
T20 Judy Hay 55 32 23
Jan Hayes 55 28 27
Rohan Goyne 55 23 32
T23 Ragna Porter 54 28 26
Nathan O'Sullivan 54 30 24
John Brugman 54 28 26
T26 Frank Elisaia 53 25 28
Cameron Dunn 53 25 28
T26 Atholl Johnstone 53 22 31
T29 Tyrone de Silva 52 32 20
Bill Nickeas 52 26 26
T31 Annie Jones 49 27 22
Gavan Doran 49 29 20
Joel Matthews 49 26 23
34 Ian Steer 48 26 22
35 Fehan Dunleavy 47 21 26
T36 Geoff Hannah 46 16 30
Peter Andrew 46 28 18
38 Allison Nightingale 45 20 25
T39 Al Clelland 43 26 17
Bernard Hornblower 43 23 20

Team South goes Back-to-Back, winning 2024 Trans-Murray Matchplay

Team South Goes Back-to-Back, capturing 2024 Trans-Murray Matchplay

trans-murray match play

It was an exciting week of golf for the 2024 Trans-Murray Matchplay. 66 golfers from both sides of the Murray River returned to Canberra to represent their region, and battle for supremacy in this annual Teams Matchplay event. This was the 11th running of the annual Trans-Murray Matchplay, and Team South was keen to repeat their success from 2023, while Team North was hoping to reclaim their past glory, and bring the "Murray" trophy home.

There was some incredible competition, great sportsmanship, and some truly awesome camaraderie throughout the week.

Day 1

The First day's action (Pairs/Ambrose), was an absolute CRACKER of a day at Royal Canberra Golf Club. The course proved why it is one of Australia's BEST courses, as it was in amazing condition, and a pure delight for our players. Laughs and smiles all around!

Highlights of the day include a "Trick" shot that ended up in a cart (Hey, play it as it lies), and one shot that actually went backwards (straight off the club!), as well as some MONSTER putts made all around. Team South jumped out of the gates with a solid 10-7 Lead, but anything can happen. Full results from Day 1 can be seen below:

Day 2

Day 2 of the TMMP saw HEAPS of action, with Team North putting on a show at Gold Creek.  In the Alternate-shot pairs format of the day, it was a wave of light blue, as Team North mounted a stellar comeback, taking 11 matches to South's 6, edging ahead of Team South by an overall margin of 18-16.


Day 3

There was excitement in the air for the all-important Singles matches on Day 3, at the picturesque Gungahlin Lakes. The scoring was tight, and both teams were feeling the pressure. In pleasant playing conditions, on a very playable course, players from both teams battled hard in their matches, as they knew that EVERY POINT MATTERED.

Following the round, the points were tallied as the players enjoyed drinks, food, laughter and stories of made (and missed) putts from the week.

When the points were finalised, Team South had dominated the final day, 20 matches to 12, resulting in a final Tournament Score of 36 South to 30 North. Team South had gone Back-to-Back!


Congratulations to Team South!!

Final points:

Team D1 D2 D3 Total Points
North 7.0 11.0 12.0 30
South 10.0 6.0 20.0 36

For day-by-day scores and matches, see the leaderboard on Golf Genius.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all the competitors (and their spouses/partners/plus-ones) for an incredible week at the 2024 Trans-Murray Matchplay. The success of these events is mostly due to the quality of the participants, and we believe that our golfers are of the highest quality anywhere!

A very special thanks to our host courses, Royal Canberra, Gold Creek and Gungahlin Lakes, as well as sponsors Srixon Australia & New Zealand, Garmin and our hotel partner, Mantra on Northbourne.

Photo Galleries: 2024 Trans-Murray Matchplay

Queenstown impresses (again) at 2023 Queenstown Golf Week

2023 Queenstown Golf Week

Queenstown impresses (again) at 2023 Queenstown Golf Week

Amazing golf and jaw-dropping scenery greeted SGA Golfers in 2023

SGA returned to Queenstown, New Zealand, for the 2023 Queenstown Golf Week, and the trip proved to be everything (and more) that golfers look for in a golf trip.

With some of New Zealand's top courses on offer, including Millbrook's Coronet and Remarkables courses, Jack's Point and Queenstown Golf Club, our golfers were treated to an exceptional week of golf.

2023 Queenstown Golf Week Recap


Following a short 3-hour flight from Australia, golfers made their way to the new Ramada Queenstown, our home-base for the week. That night, guests enjoyed a hosted Welcome Party at the Queenstown Skyline Stratosfare restaurant, at teh top of the famous Queenstown Gondola. Golfers and their partners were treated to good food and drinks, a relaxed vibe, sweeping views of Queenstown, and a jovial atmosphere as they met their fellow golfers (many set to be life-long friends) for the week.


The event kicked off at the gorgeous Millbrook Golf Club. A relatively new layout on the 36-hole facility, this club hosts the NZ Open, and it was a real treat for our golfers to experience it in all its glory. The course featured gorgeous scenery all around, which (if you're not careful) can distract you from the golf itself. Overall, it was a challenging and enjoyable golf course. The course staff were friendly and helpful, and our golfers had a great time. Thanks to the course and staff for hosting us and making it a memorable day.

In the competition, David Morriss jumped into the early lead in A-Grade, with a stellar 40 points. Next best were Steve Stoward (35) and Ricardo Walkes (34).  In B-Grade, SGA stalwart Thijs van Berkel had a crazy 46 points (wow!) to lead Kevin Biddle (42) and Wayne Meiklejohn (36).

In the Novelty prizes, David "Diesal" Warwick had an absolute DAY OUT, capturing the THREE of the four NTPs. Only Gary Moller kept him from a clean sweep.

  • Hole 2 – David Warwick
  • Hole 6 – David Warwick
  • Hole 12 – David Warwick
  • Hole 16 – Gary Moller


Our golfers returned to Millbrook to enjoy the second of the two spectacular 18-hole courses. Great weather and a solid layout kept the smiles coming! Once again, thanks to the staff at Millbrook for your hospitality.

In A-Grade, Gary Moller had a solid 37 points, followed by David Warwick and Matthew Pitt, both on 35 points. In B-Grade, John Brugman scored an impressive 42 points, with Julie Ridler and Kevin Biddle on 37 points.

After 2 rounds, David Morriss led A grade on 72 points, with Ricardo Walkes in 2nd on 68. Steve Stoward, David Warwick and Matthew Pitt were T3 on 65 points. B Grade saw Kevin Biddle on a solid 79 points (!), ahead of Thijs van Berkel on 76 and John Brugman on 75.

NTPs were

  • Hole 2 – Sandy Allan
  • Hole 6 – Gary Moller
  • Hole 13 – Justin Gao
  • Hole 18 – Jason Pratt


A well-earned "rest day" for many of our golfers in Queenstown. There is SO MUCH to do in the area, it's hard to choose just one or two activities. While a handful of lucky golfers teed-off at the ultra-exclusive The Hills GC (featuring a perfectly-manicured course, surrounded by eclectic works of art), some of our guests took the day to explore Queenstown, "the Adventure Capital of the World"

Overall a great day was had by all. Thanks to our golfers for sharing these great photos with us.


Day 3 of the 2023 Queenstown Golf Week was an ABSOLUTE CRACKER! As was the case in 2022, Jack's Point was a jaw-dropping, eyeball-widening, heart-pumping golf-bag-full-o-joy. With GORGEOUS views at every hole, it is a bucket-list course that had our golfers taking more photos than golf swings. Trust us when we say: PLAY THIS COURSE!

Thanks to the entire team at Jack's Point for hosting us. Everyone had an absolute blast.

In A-Grade, David Morriss continued his solid form, with 37 points on the day. Next best were Matthew Pitt and Steven Clare on 36. in B-Grade, Justin Gao had an impressive 40 points, followed by John Brugman (39) and Joan Swallow Hannah on 35.

After 3 rounds, David Morriss had the sole lead in A Grade, on 109 points. He was followed by a pair of SGA staffers, Matthew Pitt and Ricardo Walkes on 109. Rounding out the top-5 were Greig Little (96) and Gary Moller (93).
In B Grade, John Brugman was on top, with 114 total points. Kevin Biddle was next best on 111, followed by Simon Dobson (97) and Thijs van Berkel (97). Rounding out the top-5 was SGA partner Julie Ridler.


  • Hole 3 – Nicola Dress
  • Hole 7 – Matthew Pitt
  • Hole 11 – Gary Moller
  • Hole 13 – David Morriss


Five fun-filled days of world-class golf came to conclusion on the Friday, as our golfers played the picturesque Queenstown Golf Club. The amazing weather all week also came to a conclusion, of sorts, as early morning rain and a drop in temperatures saw the beanies, gloves, vests and raingear all make an appearance for the first time in the week. Nevertheless, the sun came out for the final nine, treating our golfers to more amazing scenery and some truly spectacular golf.

In A-Grade, Steve Stoward fired a solid 37 points, followed by David Morriss (36) and Jason Pratt and Gary Moller, both on 34 points. In B-Grade, Thijs van Berkel found a notable book-end to his first-round fireworks, recording the best-of-the-day score of 39 points. He was followed by Frank "Hey Bro" Elisaia  and Simon Dobson, both on 36 points.


  • Hole 7 – Justin Gao
  • Hole 10 – Geoff Hannah
  • Hole 13 – Greig Little
  • Hole 17 – Sharon McCarthy


After 4 rounds on some of the planet's best courses, the event winners were revealed. Topping A-Grade, with a 13-point buffer, was David Morriss on 145 points. Congratulations David! Second went to Matthew Pitt and Ricardo Walkes on 132 points. Rounding out the top-5 were Gary Moller (127) and Greig Little (124).  In B-Grade, it was John Brugman on 147, 10 points ahead of Kevin Biddle (137) and Thijs van Berkel (136). 4th went to Simon Dobson (133), with Frank Elisaia on 130. Special mention to Julie Ridler, who was the top woman player, on 120 points.


Following the day, golfers and their non-golfing partners converged at Brazz Steakhouse for the Presentation Dinner. With some tasty food (and PLENTY of beverages) consumed, the night was a relaxing and fun evening where golfers chatted about their glorious (and not-so-glorious, LOL) golf shots and moments across this memorable week.

2023 SGA Queenstown Golf Week Photo Galleries

[sunshine_gallery id="63199" show_main_menu="false"]

2023 Queenstown Golf Week - Final Scores

Individual Stableford Aggregate


Pos. Player Points R1 R2 R3 R4
1 David Morriss 145 40 32 37 36
T2 Matthew Pitt 132 30 35 36 31
T2 Ricardo Walkes 132 34 34 33 31
4 Gary Moller 127 27 37 29 34
5 Greig Little 124 33 29 34 28
6 Steve Stoward 123 35 30 21 37
7 Tagavaitautama Papua 118 32 31 25 30
8 David Warwick 117 30 35 27 25
9 Jason Pratt 115 29 27 25 34
T10 Steven Clare 113 31 25 36 21
T10 Steven Hing 113 32 30 27 24
T12 Nicola Dress 109 31 29 23 26
T12 Ian Crotty 109 29 25 26 29
14 Sharon McCarthy 108 27 24 30 27
15 Stephen Cameron 105 23 25 30 27
16 Tom Tomlin 97 27 26 21 23
17 Donn Jefferis 90 20 23 17 30
18 Jay Carter 85 31 28 26 0
19 James Carter 83 25 27 31 0



Pos. Player Points R1 R2 R3 R4
1 John Brugman 147 33 42 39 33
2 Kevin Biddle 137 42 37 32 26
3 Thijs van Berkel 136 46 30 21 39
4 Simon Dobson 133 35 28 34 36
5 Frank Elisaia 130 29 35 30 36
T6 Julie Ridler 120 32 37 27 24
T6 Mick David 120 32 26 30 32
8 Justin Gao 119 27 19 40 33
9 Stephen Morris 118 28 29 26 35
10 Geoff Hannah 117 27 35 29 26
11 Diane Moody 112 29 31 22 30
12 Jun Gong 110 28 31 28 23
T13 Joan Swallow Hannah 109 28 27 35 19
T13 Stephen Ellis 109 25 25 29 30
15 Wayne Meiklejohn 94 36 33 25 0
16 Tracey Grigoriou 93 23 30 22 18
17 Kathryn Morris 86 30 32 24 0
18 Sandy Allan 81 15 24 20 22
19 Chris Moody 76 29 20 14 13
20 Carmel Meiklejohn 53 25 28 0 0

Special Thanks

Thanks to all of our host courses and clubs: Queenstown Golf Club, The Hills, Jacks Point, and Millbrook Resort for allowing us to enjoy your world-class courses.

Thanks to Stephen and his team from the top-notch Peak Golf Queenstown for all of their help and arrangements on ground.

Thanks to the Stratosfare Restaurant and Brazz Teams for taking care of us for our welcome and awards dinners!

Thanks to our amazing partners/sponsors: Srixon-Cleveland, Garmin, Heathcote Winery, TCN Gift Cards and Drummond Golf.

Most importantly, thanks to ALL of our golfers and their non-golfing partners for joining us this week. You were all a wonderful and fun-filled group, and you helped make this event extra special!

The 2024 SGA Queenstown Event

The 2024 SGA Queenstown Golf Week is in the final planning stages, and will be available for booking soon!)

The 2023 Queenstown Golf Week Partners

Srixon Cleveland Golf
Cleveland Golf
Garmin Australia
Heathcote Winery logo
The Card Network Logo

The Indented Heads nab 2023 William Buckley Classic

Indented Heads nab 2023 William Buckley Classic

 The 2023 William Buckley Classic featured a Battle Royale as golfers from across the country descended upon 13th Beach GC for the 18th running of this event.

Mother Nature proved to be the toughest opponent throughout the weekend, as she greeted our players with howling winds, rain, chilly temperatures and even an early morning earthquake to the Bellarine Peninsula.

But the magnitude 5.1 tremor wasn't the only earth-shattering event on the Sunday, as a pair of newcomers to SGA made the earth move under their feet as they stormed home to a one-point victory over the field.

Congratulations to The Indented Heads (Andrew Murray & Brett Murray), whose 2-day total of 86 Stableford points (rounds of 46 + 40), edged them one point ahead of a crowded leaderboard, which saw the top 6 teams separated by only 4 points. They pipped The Point Addis Bashers (Jarrad Young & Grant Nuttall), and The Barwon Heads Sir Robins (Chris Moody & Rusty Dent) on 85 points. Rounding out the top-6 were The Murrangurk Masters (Ian Steer & Cam Thompson) on 84, The Point Lonsdale Cavemen (John Brugman & Rob Lugton) on 84, and The Bream Creek Freaks (Matt Pitt & Mick David) on 82 points. The full leaderboard can be seen below (or click here for the interactive leaderboard on Golf Genius).

2023 WBC Leaderboard


Photo Galleries

See the photo galleries below:

[sunshine_gallery id="61053" show_main_menu="false" cols="3"]

(Click Photo to see the event program)

Thanks to all of our amazing players for joining us on an epic weekend. You were all top-notch! We couldn't have a great weekend like this without you!

Thanks also to the entire team at 13th Beach Golf Links for hosting us on your wonderful course. Thanks to our sponsors Srixon Australia & New Zealand, Heathcote Winery, Garmin Australia, Drummond Golf and TCN.

Overall, it was a remarkable weekend of fun and frivolity. We hope to see you all next year on The Mornington Peninsula!

About The William Buckley Classic

A long-cherished annual event in our popular Bushranger Golf series, The William Buckley Classic is always a HUGE amount of fun. Played on some spectacular Victorian golf courses, this two-person team event is played over 36 holes of Ambrose, and features our unique blend of fun, frivolity and excitement! Golfers enjoy a personally-hosted and professionally-managed competition, on-course accommodation for two nights, Plus, all the usual fun, frivolity and excitement of an amazing golf weekend!

To see upcoming (and past) William Buckley Classic events, click here

The Stroke Kings capture 2023 SGA Championships


The Stroke Kings capture 2023 SGA Championships

The 2023 SGA Championships saw the largest-ever field compete in SGA's flagship event, with 129 golfers making the trek to the gorgeous Gold Coast for a week of fun, sun and friendships.

The Four-Round Event, which included both Graded/Individual competitions as well as a Teams Competition, was contested over the week of August 27-Sept 1, 2023. It was played at some of Queensland's best golf courses: RACV Royal Pines, Sanctuary Cove (The Palms course), The Glades and Palmer Gold Coast courses. PLUS, there were optional bonus rounds at Lakelands and Brookwater GC

After a week of great golf, camaraderie and all-around fun, the competition began to heat up as the podium came into sight. There were some tight races in both the Grades and Teams events, with the results coming down to the last day (and in some cases, the very last hole.)


A Grade: Jason Beeston (Red Bears) took top spot on 139 points, pipping Nick Sutherland (Birdie Fever) on 138 (who will rue a missed putt on 18). Third went to Kurt White (Par, Bogey, Beer, Birdie!) on 135.

B Grade had a THREE-WAY-TIE for first, all on 127 points. On Countback, the B-Grade Champion is Michael Houghton (VIC Invincibles), pipping Lindsay Scott (Redbacks SA) and Ronald Naidu (The Stroke Kings)

C Grade Champion was crowd favourite (and everybody's "Brah"), Frank Elisaia (Grumpy Old Men) on 131 points. 2nd went to Matt Carver (The Living Legends) on 127, followed by Ian Steer (The Harriets) on 122.

Ladies Grade also saw a Two-way tie for first, with Laurel Meyers (The One Putts) pipping Susan Okeby (Hole in Fun) on countback on 122 points. Third went to Lisa Garioch (Sunraysia) on 110 points - who notably went back-to-back-to-back-to-BACK on the Ladies Long Drive, nabbing the prizes in all 4 rounds!

The Teams Result was also a tight race, with plenty of rollercoaster-style action on the leaderboard all week. In the end, team Stroke Kings (Justin Gao, Ronald Naidu, Arvin Kumar and Thiruchenthuran Thiruloganathan (aka T-Rex) grabbed the hardware, with a 4-day total of 382 Stableford points. In second, two shots back, were "Par, Bogey, Beer, Birdie!" (Neill Smith, Kurt White, Paul White and Alex Robertson) on 380, with Birdie Fever (Anthony Jacobs, Nick Sutherland, Ryan Hassan and Richard Chatfield) rounding out the top 3 on 378.


The presentation award dinner was a fully-attended affair, with many stories exchanged between old and new mates. The night capped our week of $30,000+ in prizes, and also featured our annual Raffle Draw, which featured over $5000 in prizes, including vouchers for players and Non-Golfing Partners to join us at a variety of SGA Events, including our brand-new Mission Hills Masters - Hainan Island in June 2024.

There was also an emotional moment during the presentation dinner, when the Sally Pitt Award recipient was named. Long-time SGA player and supporter Ivan Jones was nearly brought to tears when his name was called. A worthy recipient of this prestigious award (which is awarded to the player for being honest, brave and kind, all the qualities that SGA Co-Founder Sally embodied, and by which she lived her life).


(Detailed scoring available via our Golf Genius Leaderboard)

Pos. Team Total Points R1 R2 R3 R4
1 The Stroke Kings 382 86 96 108 92
2 Par, Bogey, Beer, Birdie! 380 100 94 93 93
3 Birdie Fever 378 102 94 101 81
4 The Southern Flogs 370 97 97 92 84
5 Redbacks SA 365 88 91 93 93
[sunshine_gallery id="57398" show_main_menu="false" cols="3"]


SGA would like to send a hearty "THANKS" to all the players who made the trek to the Gold Coast. Without you, we would not have an event.

We would like to give a special thanks to all of our sponsors and partners for the week. Notably Srixon Australia & New Zealand, Garmin Australia, Heathcote Winery, The Card Network, and Mantra Hotels. And our partner courses Lakelands Golf Club, RACV Royal Pines, Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club, The Glades,  Brookwater Golf & Country Club, and Palmer Gold Coast for all their help. Thanks, too, to our Minor Sponsors Blacksheep Advisory and Barmah Park Wines.

Finally, we would like to give a shout out to the amazing Julie Ridler from Gold Coast Direct Charters, who managed all of the transfers (and many other things!) in a very challenging week. THANKS JULIE! (We recommend to all our SGA Fans -- if you are ever on the Gold Coast, and need a lift/tour/transfer, give Julie a call. You won't be disappointed).

And that's a wrap! We hope to see you all at next year's event

2023 SGA Championships Sponsors

The SGA Championships


Regarded as a must-play event on most clubs' Social Golf calendars, the SGA Championships is our flagship event on teh Gold Coast. It sees golfers and social clubs from across Australia converge upon the Gold Coast for a week of spectacular golf, energetic competition and, most importantly, a ton of fun.

To see upcoming SGA Championships events, click here

The Euroa Removalists capture 2023 Kelly Gang Shootout

Euroa Removalists capture the 2023 Kelly Gang Shootout

The 2023 Kelly Gang Shootout proved why it is among our most popular annual events, with a whopping 52 players making a gaolbreak for the 18th running of this event.

With sunny and pleasant conditions throughout the weekend at The Murray River, the quality of play on the magnificent Cobram Barooga Golf Courses was stellar.

Congratulations to The Euroa Removalists (Adrian Dallas + Ashley Davis + Brendan Davis + Nick Randone) who won in stellar fashion. With a two-day total of 197, they were 3 shots clear of The Avenel Gang (David Warwick, Fraser Gough, Matthew Pitt and Mick Van Raay) and The Mansfield Wombats (Aaron Henderson, Michael Xiberras, Shane Lawlor and Will Power) on 200 points. The Shoeshop Squirrel Grippers (Atholl Johnstone, Cameron Dunn, Richard Fellner and Rob Lugton) took 4th on 206.

Thanks to all of our amazing players for joining us on an epic weekend. You were all top-notch! We couldn't have a great weekend like this without you!

Thanks also to the entire team at Cobram Barooga Golf Club for hosting us on your wonderful course. Thanks to our sponsors Srixon Australia & New Zealand, Heathcote Winery, Garmin Australia, Drummond Golf and TCN.  Also, thanks to The Back Nine - Custom Golf Gear for donating the cool headcover prizes.

Overall, it was a remarkable weekend of fun and frivolity. We hope to see you all next year!

Below is the full rundown of the weekend's festivities.

2023 KGS Leaderboard


Interactive Leaderboard (Golf Genius)


A long-cherished annual event in our popular Bushranger Golf series, The Kelly Gang Shootout is always a HUGE amount of fun. Played on some spectacular Murray River golf courses, this four-person team event is played over 36 holes of Ambrose, and features our unique blend of fun, frivolity and excitement! Golfers enjoy a personally-hosted and professionally-managed competition, on-course accommodation for two nights, Plus, all the usual fun, frivolity and excitement of an amazing golf weekend!

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Exciting finish at inaugural SGA Autumn Classic

Thrilling finish at Inaugural SGA Autumn Classic


It was an absolutely incredible weekend at Murray Downs Resort for the Inaugural SGA Autumn Classic, held May 5-7, 2023.

While much of the country saw rainy and miserable conditions throughout the weekend, the booked-out field at Murray Downs enjoyed sunshine, great golf, plenty of laughs and heaps of camaraderie.

Despite a few chilly morning starts, the golf heated up throughout the weekend, with some stellar scoring in the Pairs Better Ball and Individual Stableford competitions.

Round 1 - Saturday

The most notable score of the day was a spectacular 41 points from Geoff Hannah. That placed him firmly atop the Singles leaderboard, with SGA's own Matthew Pitt one shot back on 40. Ben Sterck rounded out the top 3 on a very solid 38 points.

Much to the delight of Hannah and Sterck, they were also teammates in the Pairs Best Ball Competition, which (not surprisingly) saw them at the top of the board on 50 Best Ball points (!). Next best were Steve Pettit + Paul Pearce (44 points), and Drew Hallam + Al Clelland (also on 44).

Round 2 - Sunday

Round 2 was a chilly (er...FRESH) morning, which saw teams (and one car) struggle to get started. But when the sun came out, the guns came out, and there was some serious jockeying on the leaderboard.

When the final scores were tallied, the Hannah/Sterck team managed to limp over the line and squeak out an Inaugural SGA Autumn Classic victory in the Pairs comp with 85 total points, on a Countback from the fast-finishing team of Kathy Ridley and Mick David. 3rd went to Drew Hallam and Al Clelland, one shot back on 84. In 4th were Phoebe Burfield and Salli Fox (83), with four teams tied for 5th on 81.

In the Singles Overall competition, Salli Fox (74 points) pipped Mick David (72), with Lyn Mayne & Matthew Pitt equal 3rd on 67. Rounding out the top-5 were Al Clelland and Tony Grant, both on 66.


A warm thank you to all of our players for joining us for a great weekend - you are the reason why our events are so fun and successful. Thanks, too, to the entire staff at Murray Downs Resort and the Golf Club for hosting us at your spectacular facility. Finally, a special thanks to our sponsors, Srixon Australia & New Zealand, Garmin Australia, Drummond Golf, Heathcote Winery and TCN for their generous prizes.