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Contact Us

Social Golf Australia is an Australian-Owned and Australian-Operated business. We always have been, and we always will be.

Importantly, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. That's why we list ACTUAL PHONE NUMBERS here.

Yep. Unlike some "businesses" which choose to hide where they are from (or simply try and automate everything to avoid dealing with customers) here at SGA, we're here for you! We're always just a phone call or email away.

Just ring us up, and speak to an ACTUAL PERSON. It's the Aussie way, and we are proud of it!

Business Contacts

Matthew Pitt

Managing Director

Matthew Pitt
0425 742 501
2021 William Buckley Classic

General Manager

Mick David
0402 488 253
Dean Miller

Major Events

Dean Miller
0416 208 281


Paul White
0417 831 858

Golf Tours and Travel

Sheri Yu
0438 866 850
Richard Fellner

Media Manager

Richard Fellner
O4O7 OOO 44O

State Tour Contacts

Dean Miller

Vic Tour Manager

Dean Miller
0416 208 281
2022 Trans-Murray Matchplay

NSW Tour Manager

Rick Walkes
0415 897 554
Dave Rushmore

QLD Tour Manager

David Rushmore
0421 796 716

SA Tour Manager

Andy Dealey
0408 715 599

Our Location

PO Box 261, Heathcote, Victoria, 3523

Contact Us

For any general enquiries (beyond those contacts listed above) drop us a line using the form below.