Golf 101 – The Fundamentals of Golf

Golf 101 - The Fundamentals of Golf

Understanding the fundamentals of golf is important for every golfer. They are key to not only enjoying the game, but also ensuring you use the proper etiquette with other players.

Here are our guides to the Fundamentals of Golf. Learn about golf handicaps, how to score in various golf formats, golf etiquette, and  general golf basics.

Golf Ball and driver

Golf Basics – Your Guide to Golf Handicaps

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “Golf Handicaps” mentioned at some point . But just what is a golf handicap? And why is it important?
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Golf Scorecard

Golf Basics – Your Guide to Golf Scoring formats

When marking your score, there are various golf scoring formats played in Australia. Here are the most common, and how they work.
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Peter and Peter

Golf Basics – Quick Golf Tips for a quicker round

From finding LOST BALLS, to bag placement, here are some quick golf tips to help speed up your round, and boost your enjoyment of the game.
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Fixing a Pitch Mark

Golf Basics – Repairing a pitch mark

Repairing a pitch mark is one of the most effective ways to preserve the playing quality of a golf course. Here's how to do it properly.
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Raking a bunker

Golf Basics – Raking a bunker

Raking a bunker is a critical part of golf, as it promotes fair play for other golfers. Doing it properly — entering, raking and exiting — also helps maintain the playability and health of the golf course. Here’s how to do it correctly.
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