Get GolfLink Handicaps for Your Social Club

Get GolfLink Handicaps for your social club

It’s quick and easy to get GolfLink Handicaps for all members of your social club or golf group.

SGA is an official National Handicap Provider through Golf Australia. Since 2004, our team have issued over 17,000 handicaps to golfers across Australia, making SGA the country’s largest and most trusted golf network and golf club.

It's simple to get started, and, best of all, it’s the lowest-price official handicap option in Australia. And when your members have official Golf Link handicaps, they can enter almost any club competition or Amateur event in Australia or overseas!

Personal Insurance Plan:

All official SGA handicaps and GOLF Link numbers come with a $20 million Personal Insurance Plan arranged by Golf Australia. This Personal Liability insurance covers your players for personal injury or property damage while playing or practising golf. They are also covered while attending a golf event or venue as a player, guest or spectator.

Run Official Competitions on GOLF Link:

For clubs that have 10 or more members who maintain a handicap through SGA, you can get exclusive access to the GOLF Link system. This allows you to create and process your club competitions on GOLF Link for all entrants with a current, active GOLF Link number. You can even process visitors from different home clubs or those who maintain their handicap elsewhere.

To start:

There are two ways to get Golflink handicaps for your members.

  1. Have each of your members apply and pay individually for their handicap, or
  2. Streamline the process by having one representative from your club work with SGA on behalf of your interested members.

(And don’t worry, we will work with you to advise and assist with a process that works best for your club.)

For more information, contact SGA’s official handicapper Paul White on or call Paul on 0417 831 858.

Or, to discuss how the process works and how we’ve helped scores of clubs over the past 15 years, contact SGA founder Matthew Pitt directly via or 0425 742 501.

Contact us to discuss GolfLink Handicaps for your members