Team South surges to victory in 2023 TMMP

Team South Surges to Victory in 2023 Trans-Murray Matchplay

trans-murray match play

It was a thrilling week of golf for the 2023 TMMP, February 1-3, 2023. 60 golfers from both sides of the Murray River returned to Canberra to represent their region, and battle for victory (and the all-important “bragging rights”). This was the 10th running of the annual Trans-Murray Matchplay event, and with Team North having largely dominated the event over the years, Team South was determined to nab a victory, and bring the "Murray" trophy home to Victoria.

There was some incredible competition, great sportsmanship, and some truly awesome camaraderie throughout the week.

Day 1

The First day's action (Pairs/Ambrose), was a split field, held at the at the lovely Gungahlin Lakes GC and Gold Creek Country Club. The day saw Team North take the early lead, capturing 9.5 points to Team South's 5.5. It was a wild day, as the lead changed hands multiple times.


Day 2

Day 2 of the TMMP saw HEAPS of action, with Team South "Bringing all the smoke" to the competition. Royal Canberra Golf Club was an absolute treat, and the golfers were all smiles. In the Alternate-shot pairs format of the day, it was a wave of green early, with Team South dominating nearly all matches. But North fought hard (and fought the gusting winds) to claw back a few points. When the final putts dropped, Team South had won the day 9 to 6. Almost a mirror image of Day 1. This brought the event to 15.5 to 14.5, in favour of Team North. Only ONE match separating the sides.

2023 TMMP Day 2 scores


Day 3

There was excitement in the air for the all-important Singles matches on Day 3, at the picturesque Federal Golf Club. The scoring was tight, and both teams were feeling the pressure. In pleasant playing conditions, on a very playable course, players from both teams battled hard in their matches, as they knew that EVERY POINT MATTERED.

Following the round, the points were tallied as the players enjoyed drinks, food, laughter and stories of made (and missed) putts from the week. Team captains Stuart Read (North) and Gav Doran (South) gave a few speeches, thanking the players for their great spirit and camaraderie throughout the week.  Following up on a small promise/wager, Gav even had a drink from one of Stuart's massive size-18 shoes (hereafter referred to as Das Boot).

When the points were finalised, Team South had captured the 2023 TMMP BY A SINGLE POINT, 30pts-29pts, courtesy of a 15.5 to 13.5 point day.



Congratulations to Team South!!

FUN FACT: Over the last five years of the event, four out of five results have been determined by one point.

Final points:

Team D1 D2 D3 Total Points
North 9.50 6.00 13.50 29.00
South 5.50 9.00 15.50 30.00

For day-by-day scores and matches, see the leaderboard on Golf Genius.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all the competitors (and their spouses/partners/plus-ones) for an incredible week. The success of these events is mostly due to the quality of the participants, and we believe that our golfers are of the highest quality anywhere!

A very special thanks to our sponsors Srixon Australia & New Zealand, Garmin and our hotel partner, Mantra on Northbourne.