AIFN Golf Event Results – Babinda GC

AIFN Golf Event Results - Babinda GC, 2021


The scores are in and it was a tight game at AIFN Golf Event City vs Country at Babinda GC. We had to swap In a couple of country boys for City, but I think they wanted to make it a fair series. Thanks to @Leon Ambrum and @Peter Milani who helped the City boys to victory.

Team one was Herb Walsh vs George Savage

3 points Separated these two deadly players. Herb wins

Issac George Wallace vs Peter Milani

4 points and Peter leveled it up with country and city one game each. Peter wins

Team two was Trent Baptiste vs Leon Ambrum and Leon winning this by 7points. It was a good battle but to be fair Trent was away for 3 weeks but Leon won overall and has been playing consists Golf with 84 points. Leon wins

Samuel Edwards vs Jordan Rudken.

Sam taking the win, congratulations to both Sam and Jordan for there first ever Birdie on the second Hole for Sam and Jordan par at the 17th. Sam wins

City and Country winning one game each.

Team Three was Devante Heron vs Lachlan Biondi-Odo

Lachlan showed up and taking the win for City and the putting comp out so city wins this week’s City vs Country competition. Lachi wins

Which levels up the series and takes us into the 3rd game. Winner takes the bragging rights 2021.

AIFN Golf would like to thank our sponsors SGA, GA, Callaway and Drummond Golf, and Goondoi Rangers and Babinda Golf Course, without whom the event would have not been possible.

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The 2021 AIFN Golf Event was the brainchild of John Fejo, a keen golfer who wanted to introduce the game of golf to Australian Indigenous and First Nations players. It is hoped that this first event will be the launching pad for more events in the future.