AIFN Golf Event Results- Elarish GC


AIFN Golf Event Results - Elarish Golf Course, Oct 24th, 2021


The AIFN GOLF DAY 4BBB in Elarish was hot, but fun and "deadly" and funny at the same time, with George throwing balls on the course so Issac George Wallace could lose the longest drive (Ha ha).

There was laughing, smiling and plenty of emotions (without naming names...well, ok....Leon Ambrum, Beaven Ahkee, George Savage and Merrick K Anderson were a bit emotional because the ball wouldn't listen to them, Ha ha.)

But all in all, being around the brothers on the golf course, the day was a GOOD DAY. All the players walked away excited for the next event and just to be out on the golf course with good deadly company. That's what AIFN Golf is about.

AIFN Golf would like to thank sponsors SGA, GA, Callaway and Drummond Golf, and Elarish Golf course. Without them, the event would have not been possible.

Champions for the Event in Elarish:

1) The Longest Drive  Issac Wallace 294m on Hole 9.

2) Closest to the Pin on Hole 4 John McCarthy

3) Player with the lowest score Leon Ambrum on 39 points

4) Best Putter Warren Drahm

5) Best Due Team was John McCarthy and  Shane Badham at 84 points

6) The bloke that looked the part but needs to work on his golf game Jordan Rudken

And a special thank you from AIFN Golf for all the hard work in helping set up and doing the odd jobs behind the seen goes to Herb Walsh

Thank you brother.

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From the players:

Quotes from the day:

"Good day seeing everyone relaxed and just enjoying the day without all life’s pressures, and seeing brotherly bonds being built. Keep up the good work hubby and AIFN Golf crew.  I think wives may have to challenge some hubbys on the greens" -Jakita Fejo

"Thank you Johnny, we appreciate the work you put in behind the scenes. At the end of the day, AIFN golf and the event days aren’t possible without you first having a dream and your dream becoming a reality." Trent Baptiste

Thanks to Elarish Golf Course for hosting the day. Thanks also to major prize sponsor Callaway Golf Australia New Zealand, as well as support from Drummond Golf, and Social Golf Australia.



The 2021 AIFN Golf Event was the brainchild of John Fejo, a keen golfer who wanted to introduce the game of golf to Australian Indigenous and First Nations players. It is hoped that this first event will be the launching pad for more events in the future.