AIFN Golf Event Results- Millaa Millaa GC

AIFN Golf Event Results - Millaa Millaa Golf Course, 2021


AIFN GOLF DAY Single Stroke 18 Hole at Millaa Millaa GC was lovely and cool up until we started walking those hills , but fun challenging and tricky at the same time, so the deadly had to come out off us Golfers

It was a close game in the end but Country Got away with the Win and proved that they are real strong contenders for the 2021 Champions for our three game shoot out between Country and City.

All the players walked away excited for the next event in Babinda, City vs Country and are keen to get back some redemption I think.

We would like to also welcome Tobias Drahm to AIFN GOLF and hope you had a good time with all the fellas and an even better time on the Golf Course and hope to see you at more of the events.

AIFN Golf would like to thank our sponsors and SGA, GA, Callaway and Drummond Golf, and Goondoi Rangers also Millaa Millaa Golf course, without whom the event would have not been possible.

A special thanks to Bob and the boys at Millaa Millaa GC for making us feel really welcomed and we could pay the favour back in the near future.

Our winners for each pool was.

Pool 1

Herb Walsh on 87 points – Country

Warren Drahm on 96 points – City



John Fejo on 95 points – Country

John McCarthy on 97 points – Country


Pool 3

Peter Milani on 91 points – Country

Tobias Drahm on 110 points – City

The putter of the Event went to Bevan Ahkee with a 20 foot put, and winning the Millaa Millaa Golf Shirt.

So Country won by Four players beating there City partners.

Congratulations Fellas Use Played Deadly Golf, Both Country and City Boy’s.

Here are some Deadly photos of the City vs Country clash at Milla Millaa GC.


Photo Gallery

Quotes from the day

Thank you to Bob and the team at Millaa Millaa GC for making us feel very welcomed and appreciated that use went out of your ways to come up with a game for us at AIFN to connect with Millaa Millaa and the team.

Congratulations to all of use who walked 18 holes use walked 10km + for those who was chasing there balls🤣, use are not only socialising but getting physical and mental fitness as well as looking after your wellbeing in the end use are all winners in our Eyes at AIFN.

Happy Golfing fellas. 🏌️⛳🤣🤠🤫

Bevan Ahkee


Congrats country boys! Will get you mob next week. 😉

Thanks again @John Fejo @Herb Walsh @Lachlan Biondi-Odo for the day.

Thanks Millaa Millaa golf club for welcoming us and putting on a good day of golf.

Peter Milani


Had a great time with the lads today and  it was good to meet little Warren Drahm .. cheers lads. Thanks again to BigJOHN and little Herby.. And to the MILLAA GOLF CLUB. AT LEAST THEY MADE US BROTHER'S WELCOME.. And the lad with that 20 foot putt . In yar..🤣🤣

Herb Walsh


Yeah what a great course. Totally felt welcomed there today. It’s definitely a course I would like to do again. Tobias I hope you enjoyed your day mate and look forward to seeing you on the fairways again. Murri slack one now getting ready to cook a feed of battered fish and crumbed oysters with a bit of a salad.😎




The 2021 AIFN Golf Event was the brainchild of John Fejo, a keen golfer who wanted to introduce the game of golf to Australian Indigenous and First Nations players. It is hoped that this first event will be the launching pad for more events in the future.