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SGA Golf Club Handicap Application

SGA Golf Club Handicap Application

To access an official Australian golf handicap and GOLF Link number with The SGA Golf Club, please complete the application form below...

  • If you have held a handicap previously, we will transfer your entity on GOLF Link and you will retain all your playing history.
  • If your last handicap had been active recently (within 12 months), you will not need to submit scorecards.
  • If you are getting a handicap for the first time or your handicap has been inactive for more than 12 months, you need to submit three or more scorecards.
  • Once your application is submitted and payment is received, please allow three business days for processing and activating your handicap.
  • We will enter your details on the GOLF Link system and email your GOLF Link number and GA Handicap to you, which will be active immediately.
  • Once you have your GOLF Link number, your handicap is valid and active and you can play in competitions.
  • GOLF Link will also post you a GOLF Link card within two to three weeks.
  • For more info on accessing a handicap with The SGA Golf Club, click here.
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We will not be able to accept your application if the following four fields are incomplete

Email copies of the cards to info@socialgolfcc.com.au

Post the originals or photocopies to: PO Box 261, Heathcote, Vic, 3523

Fax copies to The SGA Golf Club on (03) 5433 3530

  • Your name
  • Your score for each hole
  • The date of the game
  • The marker's signature
  • The name of the course
  • The tees you played from
  • The Slope Rating
  • The Scratch Rating