2016 TMMP Results

2016 Trans-Murray Matchplay

The third annual Trans-Murray Matchplay was held in Merimbula on the beautiful Sapphire Coast from February 5 to 7 2016. Played at Pambula-Merimbula Golf Club and Tura Beach Country Club, two teams of 26 players each from the NSW SGA Tour and the Victorian SGA Tour lined up for a three day Ryder Cup-style matchplay showdown. The event was played in a great spirit with good sportsmanship and a friendly rivalry on show on each day of the competition. Below we see the two teams in their TMMP team uniforms before the Day 3 action at Pambula-Merimbula GC.

2016 TMMP Results - NSW 28 ½ def Vic 23 ½ 

The 2016 TMMP started at the superb Pambula-Merimbula GC on February 5 with the four-ball format. At the end of Day 1, Victoria claimed the honours 7 matches to 6 giving the Vics a slender lead. On Saturday, we went to the tough Tura Beach Country Club for the highly anticipated TMMP Foursomes format, where both players tee off and swap balls for their second shots and the best ball is then chosen and played in alternate shot fashion. There was hilarity, drama, amazing golf and a lot of fun and, by the end of the days play, NSW had taken the lead after an 8 ½ to 4 ½ result.

The final days play started with NSW gaining the early ascendancy, but as always, the Victorians rallied and gave the title a shake, eventually falling to a 14 matches to 12 defeat on the day to give the NSW SGA Tour the win with a 28 ½ to 23 ½ score-line. The event was hard-fought until the very end with a spirited Victorian team pushing NSW all the way with many matches ending with close margins and high drama.

Matches NSW Vic
Day One – 4BBB Stableford (13 matches) 6 7
Day Two – Foursomes (13 matches) 8 ½ 4 ½
Day Three – Singles (26 matches) 14 12
Total 28 ½ 23 ½


Matches - Day 1 Four Balls (NSW 6 - Vic 7) Result Score
David Murray & Dean Mitchell (Vic) def Neil Carpenter & Mick Pashley (Vic) Vic 3 and 1
Paul Volck & Linda Lea (NSW) def Steven Jurisic & Corey Kelly (Vic) NSW 4 and 3
Ian Crotty & Ron McKinlay (Vic) def Peter Dennis & Dan Cronin (NSW) Vic 1 up
Chris Morgan & Mark Henderson (Vic) def Robbie O’Donnell & Julian Duggan (NSW) Vic 2 up
Phil Pashley & John Waltis (NSW) def Richard Fellner & Stephen Harris (Vic) NSW 1 up
Wayne Ball & Tom Tomlin (Vic) def Andrew Cunneen & Chris Johnston (NSW) Vic 3 up
Glenn Johnston & Mark Eagleston (NSW) def Geoff Cohen & Darren Nelson (Vic) NSW 4 and 2
Nathan Smith & Kurt White (NSW) def Peter Calverley & Nick Mouhtaropoulos (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Rod Tozer & Nick Petrovski (Vic) def Keith Morgan & Jade Lowe (NSW) Vic 1 up
Matthew Pitt & Gavan Doran (Vic) def Glen McGowan & Dennis Murphy (NSW) Vic 4 and 2
Rob Cross & Aaron Cook (NSW) def Usman Naseer & Paul Himarios (Vic) NSW 5 and 3
Pete Solomou & Jimmy Lantides (Vic) def John Donoghoe & Shaoyu Xue (NSW) Vic 2 up
Luis Rene Ramirez & Adam Lawrence-Slater (NSW) def Paul White & Olga Tozer (Vic) NSW 1 up


Matches - Day 2 Foursomes (NSW 8 ½ - Vic 4 ½) Result Score
Chris Johnston & Glenn Johnston (NSW) v Peter Calverley & Corey Kelly (Vic) H All Square
Glen McGowan & Linda Lea (NSW) def Paul Himarios & Jimmy Lantides (Vic) NSW 4 and 2
Julian Duggan & Rob Cross (NSW) def Wayne Ball & Mark Henderson (Vic) NSW 3 and 2
Dan Cronin & Aaron Cook (NSW) v Dean Mitchell & Olga Tozer (Vic) H All Square
Nathan Smith & Shaoyu Xue (NSW) def Matthew Pitt & Nick Petrovski (Vic) NSW 4 and 3
Ian Crotty & Gavan Doran (Vic) def Keith Morgan & John Donoghoe (NSW) Vic 3 and 1
John Waltis & Adam Lawrence-Slater (NSW) def Chris Morgan & Rod Tozer (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Paul Volck & Neil Carpenter (NSW) def Steven Jurisic & Usman Naseer (Vic) NSW 7 and 5
Dennis Murphy & Jade Lowe (NSW) v Richard Fellner & Tom Tomlin (Vic) H All Square
Robbie O’Donnell & Mark Eagleston (NSW) v Nick Mouhtaropoulos & Pete Solomou (Vic) H All Square
Darren Nelson & Ron McKinlay (Vic) def Mick Pashley & Phil Pashley (NSW) Vic 5 and 4
Andrew Cunneen & Luis Rene Ramirez (NSW) v David Murray & Paul White (Vic) H All Square
Kurt White & Pete Dennis (NSW) def Geoff Cohen & Stephen Harris (Vic) NSW 3 and 2


Matches - Day 3 Singles (NSW 14 - Vic 12) Result Score
Robbie O’Donnell (NSW) def Matthew Pitt (Vic) NSW 2 and 1
Ian Crotty (Vic) def Andrew Cunneen (NSW) Vic 4 and 2
Pete Dennis (NSW) def Tom Tomlin (Vic) NSW 3 and 1
Pete Solomou (Vic) def Aaron Cook (NSW) Vic 6 and 4
Corey Kelly (Vic) def Adam Lawrence-Slater (NSW) Vic 4 and 2
Shaoyu Xue (NSW) v Rod Tozer (Vic) H All Square
Luis Rene Ramirez (NSW) def Nick Mouhtaropoulos (Vic) NSW 4 and 3
Jimmy Lantides (Vic) def Jade Lowe (NSW) Vic 2 up
Linda Lea (NSW) def Olga Tozer (Vic) NSW 3 and 2
Ron McKinlay (Vic) def Dennis Murphy (NSW) Vic 1 up
Dan Cronin (NSW) def Mark Henderson (Vic) NSW 2 up
Kurt White (NSW) def Darren Nelson (Vic) NSW 3 and 2
Dean Mitchell (Vic) def Julian Duggan (NSW) Vic 3 and 2
Rob Cross (NSW) def Stephen Harris (Vic) NSW 3 and 1
Glen McGowan (NSW) def Richard Fellner (Vic) NSW 2 and 1
Gavan Doran (Vic) def John Waltis (NSW) Vic 1 up
Nick Petrovski (Vic) def Phil Pashley (NSW) Vic 4 and 2
Mick Pashley (NSW) def Peter Calverley (Vic) NSW 1 up
Wayne Ball (Vic) def Paul Volck (NSW) Vic 4 and 3
Keith Morgan (NSW) v Chris Morgan (Vic) H All Square
John Donoghoe (NSW) def Paul White (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Steven Jurisic (Vic) def Chris Johnston (NSW) Vic 1 up
Mark Eagleston (NSW) def Paul Himarios (Vic) NSW 2 up
Glenn Johnston (NSW) def David Murray (Vic) NSW 2 and 1
Geoff Cohen (Vic) def Neil Carpenter (NSW Vic 2 and 1
Nathan Smith (NSW) def Usman Naseer (Vic) NSW 4 and 2