2017 TMMP Results

2017 Trans-Murray Match Play

The fourth annual Trans-Murray Match Play was held on the Mornington Peninsula from the 3rd to the 5th of February 2017. Played at The Dunes Golf Links, St Andrews Beach and Cape Schanck Resort, the two teams of 29 players representing the NSW SGA Tour and the Victorian SGA Tour lined up for a 3-day Ryder Cup-style match-play showdown. Below we see the two teams in their TMMP uniforms before Day 3 action at Cape Schanck.


2017 TMMP Results - NSW 31 def Vic 28

The 2017 TMMP kicked off at the superb Dunes Golf Links on February 3 with the four-ball format. After the first day NSW took a surprising 9 ½ – 5 ½ lead with expectations before the event that the Vics home-ground advantage would be an asset to their chances. Victoria hit back on Day 2 at St Andrews Beach with an 8 ½ – 6 ½ result closing the gap to just 2 matches heading into Sunday’s singles matches. The final days play was tight all the way, with both teams having the ascendency, but a number of close results falling the way of NSW meant a narrow victory for the northerners (31 – 28).

As always, most of the matches were played in great spirits, and the sense of sportsmanship, pride and camaraderie was evident across the whole weekend. However, a handful of individuals did let their personal competitiveness overtake their sportsmanship with a handful of instances of untoward behaviour occurring. Any unsportsmanlike conduct sits well outside the spirit of SGA and this tournament and is not acceptable.

We understand that this event, by its nature, invokes an interstate rivalry that encourages a sense of tribalism at times, however the fun, friendships, cameraderie and enjoyable competition are what SGA stands for and what makes our tournaments fun to be a part of. Any players whose actions move the event away from these values are not welcome at the TMMP and all players are reminded that only golfers approaching the event in the right spirit will be selected to represent their State SGA Tour.

The New South Wales SGA Tour side won by 3 matches with the tournament decided by a handful of putts on the final green. Nine matches on the final day finished either ‘All Square’ or ‘1 up’ and the result of those nine matches was NSW 4, All Square 4 and Vic 1. Just four putts rolling differently on the last green on the last day (let alone the 1000s of other shots played over the three days) would have changed the result, highlighting the competitiveness and closeness of the contest.

Matches - Day 1 Four Balls (NSW 9 ½ - Vic 5 ½) Result Score
Albert Nasralla & Linda Lea (NSW) def Wayne Ball & Mark Henderson (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Paul Volck & Craig O’Donnell (NSW) def Chris Morgan & Pete Solomou (Vic) NSW 3 and 1
Steve Morrison & Jimmy Lantides (Vic) def Robbie O’Donnell (NSW) Vic 4 and 2
Mark Keeble & Gavan Doran (Vic) def Fergal McManus & Declan O’Dwyer (NSW) Vic 4 and 3
Dan Cronin & Glen McGowan (NSW) def Peter Calverley & Corey Kelly (Vic) NSW 4 and 2
Liam Anderson & Matthew Pitt (Vic) def Mark Eagleston & Kurt White (NSW) Vic 4 and 3
Brett Davies & Keith Morgan (NSW) def Andrew Grant & Darren Nelson (Vic) NSW 1 up
Paul Gray & Ian Steer (Vic) def Dennis Murphy & John Waltis (NSW) Vic 1 up
Nathan Smith & Julian Duggan (NSW) def Steve Jurisic & Dean Mitchell (Vic) NSW 8 and 6
Richard MacKenzie & Jason D’Cruz (NSW) def Michael Rohan & Shane Woiwod (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Stuart Read & Neil Carpenter (NSW) def Kirk Hayward & William Kain (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Richard Fellner & Dean Connell (Vic) v Colin O’Mahony & Chris Duffy (NSW) H AS
Shaoyu Xue & Mick Pashley (NSW) def Matthew Thomas & Joel Matthews (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Adam Slater & Brett Hartwig (NSW) def Dave Warwick & Tom Tomlin (Vic) NSW 3 and 2
Fraser Gough & Ian Crotty (Vic) def Aaron Cook & Peter Dennis (NSW) Vic 1 up


Matches - Day 2 Foursomes (Vic 8 ½ – 6 ½) Result Score
Brett Hartwig & Julian Duggan (NSW) def Paul Gray & Mark Henderson (Vic) NSW 3 and 1
Liam Anderson & Mark Keeble (Vic) v Paul Volck & Neil Carpenter (NSW) H AS
Ian Crotty & Richard Fellner (Vic) def Robbie O’Donnell (NSW) Vic 3 and 2
Dave Warwick & Fraser Gough (Vic) def Mark Eagleston & Nathan Smith (NSW) Vic 4 and 3
Steve Morrison & Dean Connell (Vic) def Craig O’Donnell & Linda Lea (NSW) Vic 5 and 4
Kurt White & Glen McGowan (NSW) def Wayne Ball & Peter Calverley (Vic) NSW 3 and 2
Richard MacKenzie & Brett Davies (NSW) def Kirk Hayward & William Kain (Vic) NSW 3 and 2
Albert Nasralla & Mick Pashley (NSW) def Steve Jurisic & Corey Kelly (Vic) NSW 2 and 1
Andrew Grant & Michael Rohan (Vic) def Declan O’Dwyer & Colin O’Mahoney (NSW) Vic 4 and 2
Aaron Cook & Dan Cronin (NSW) def Matthew Pitt & Matthew Thomas (Vic) NSW 3 and 1
Chris Morgan & Tom Tomlin (Vic) def Jason D’Cruz & Pete Dennis (NSW) Vic 5 and 4
Keith Morgan & Adam Slater (NSW) def Joel Matthews & Shane Woiwod (Vic) NSW 2 and 1
Dean Mitchell & Dean Connell (Vic) def John Waltis & Stuart Read (NSW) Vic 5 and 4
Pete Solomou & Jimmy Lantides (Vic) def Fergal McManus & Chris Duffy (NSW) Vic 5 and 3
Ian Steer & Gavan Doran (Vic) def Dennis Murphy & Shaoyu Xue (NSW) Vic 7 and 5


Matches - Day 3 Singles (NSW 15 - Vic 14) Result Score
Dan Cronin (NSW) def Darren Nelson (Vic) NSW 1 up
Ian Steer (Vic) def Chris Duffy (NSW) Vic 2 and 1
Nathan Smith (NSW) def Matthew Thomas (Vic) NSW 1 up
Gavan Doran (Vic) def Fergal McManus (NSW) Vic 6 and 5
Peter Calverley (Vic) v Pete Dennis (NSW) H All Square
Paul Volck (NSW) def Andrew Grant (Vic) NSW 4 and 2
Corey Kelly (Vic) def Stuart Read (NSW) Vic 6 and 5
Brett Davies (NSW) def Dean Mitchell (Vic) NSW 2 and 1
William Kain (Vic) v Mark Eagleston (NSW) H All Square
Steve Morrison (Vic) def Shaoyu Xue (NSW) Vic 6 and 5
Neil Carpenter (NSW) def Fraser Gough (Vic) NSW 3 and 2
Shane Woiwod (Vic) def Linda Lea (NSW Vic 4 and 2
Richard MacKenzie (NSW) def Kirk Hayward (Vic) NSW 4 and 2
Richard Fellner (Vic) v Mick Pashley (NSW) H All Square
Chris Morgan (Vic) def Keith Morgan (NSW) Vic 4 and 3
Julian Duggan (NSW) def Mark Henderson (Vic) NSW 3 and 2
Pete Solomou (Vic) def Aaron Cook (NSW) Vic 2 and 1
Albert Nasralla (NSW) def Wayne Ball (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Mark Keeble (Vic) def Declan O’Dwyer (NSW) Vic 2 and 1
Jason D’Cruz (NSW) def Dean Connell (Vic) NSW 7 and 6
Dave Warwick (Vic) def Brett Hartwig (NSW) Vic 3 and 2
John Waltis (NSW) def Jimmy Lantides (Vic) NSW 1 up
Joel Matthews (Vic) v Adam Slater (NSW) H All Square
Tom Tomlin (Vic) def Dennis Murphy (NSW) Vic 1 up
Glen McGowan (NSW) def Steve Jurisic (Vic) NSW 5 and 4
Paul Gray (Vic) def Colin O’Mahony (NSW Vic 3 and 1
Robbie O’Donnell (NSW) def Liam Anderson (Vic) NSW 1 up
Richard Mitchell (Vic) def Craig O’Donnell (NSW) Vic 2 and 1
Kurt White (NSW) def Michael Rohan (Vic) NSW 6 and 5