Terms & Conditions of entry in the Australian Social Golf Club Championships

The Event

1. The Australian Social Golf Club Championships (ASGCC) shall be under the management and control of Social Golf Australia.

2. All enquiries pertaining to the ASGCC are to be made directly to the tournament director at the contact numbers and/or email address supplied with the entry form. 

3. The tournament director determines the playing conditions for the event and this information will be provided to players prior the event. 

4. The event is an official national championship supported by Golf Australia. The Championships will be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Golf as adopted by the Royal & Ancient Club of St. Andrews and subject to the local rules and playing conditions provided by partici[ating courses and Social Golf Australia.


5. All male and female golfers are welcome to enter the Championships and mixed teams are welcome. Only golfers with current official Australian golf handicaps are eligible to compete for the team and/or individual divisions, titles and prizes. Non-handicapped competitors will not have their own division and will not be competing for the titles and prizes - they will be playing rounds of social golf.

6. Your GOLF Link number must be provided as proof of handicap with the entry form and additional proof of handicap may be requested prior to play. All rounds in the Championships will be entered on GOLF Link and handicap adjustments in accordance with the current Australian handicapping system will be made after each round.

7. The maximum official handicaps in the Championships are 45 for ladies and 36 for men.

8. Players must check their handicap prior to play in each round and it is solely the player's responsibility to play off their correct valid handicap in each round. A player will be disqualified if playing from an incorrect handicap during any round of the Championships.

9. If players have an official handicap but do not have a GOLF Link card and/or a GOLF Link number, they must present a letter from their club handicapper along with their contact details and the phone number of the club where their handicap is held. Failure to verify a handicap prior to play will render player's scores ineligible for the Championships and the round will be regarded as social only.

10. Social Golf Club handicaps are not recognised. If you need a handicap, The SGA Golf Club provides official handicaps for $95. Click here to see the Handicap FAQs or here to apply online for a handicap.

11. Golfers in the process of submitting cards to obtain a handicap may enter by noting their GOLF Link number on the application as Pending. However, the GOLF Link number and/or proof of handicap must be supplied to Social Golf Australia prior to Championships. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. The player can still participate, but will only be playing a social round and their three teammates' scores will count as the team total. 

The Tournament

12. Players participating in the Championships agree to abide by the rules and etiquette of golf, in particular as this applies to the consideration towards, and safety of, other people on the golf course and agree to maintaining an acceptable pace of play. Social Golf Australia reserves the right to exclude any entrant deemed to be acting outsidethe rules and etiquette of golf.

13. Accredited Rules' Officials will be on call for each competition round of the Championships.

14. Player registration for the Championships will take place on the first day of the event.  If necessary, players may also register prior to the first round.

15. The 4-Ball Ambrose (practice) round is to be played on Sunday prior to the tournament proper commencing hte following day.

16. The competition rounds will be played over four days on the courses annually partnered with the event. All entrants in the Championships agree to abide by the rules of the participating courses. Competitors are required to comply with the dress regulations of each of the participating courses. 

17. The first and second rounds are both afternoon shotgun starts and the third and fourth rounds are both morning shotgun starts. Players will be grouped with one teammate and a pair from another club. In each round, players will share a cart with a person from another club (i.e. teammates are not to share golf carts). Any exceptions to this are at the Tournament Diector's discretion. The final round is a seeded draw. The seeded draw will be according to standings in the team event with the leading teams teeing off last.

18. No golf courses partaking in the Championships are walking venues. Spectators are not permitted on any course. Electric carts are included in the entry fee and are compulsory. Players driving electric golf carts must hold a current Australian or International Drivers' License; otherwise, you remain a passenger for the duration of the event. 

19. A draw for the first three rounds will be completed prior to the tournament and the draw for the final round will be completed after day three. Tee times and groups will be allocated at the discretion of the tournament director. A maximum of two players from the same club will be drawn in the same group. Players from the same club are not permitted to mark each other's card. Should this arise, disqualification will occur.

20. The competition for the national championship is between teams of four players and entrants must be a member of the social golf club they represent. Proof may be requested by the tournament director. Players can be a member of more than one golf club (social or otherwise) but they may only enter as a representative of one social golf club in any given year. Each club can have multiple teams enter in the Championships. e.g.: Cow Park A, Cow Park B, Cow Park C etc. 

21. The team event will be played as an aggregate stableford between teams of four players over 72 holes with the best three scores on each day of the event counting as the team score for that day. To be eligible to play in the team event for the national championships, each team must field a minimum of three players. Team captains must advise the tournament director of each team member's name prior to play in round one. Players in each team must remain the same for the duration of the event.

22. The individual events will be played over 72 holes over four days with men's and ladies' grades (pending numbers). The competition will be stableford in all divisions. Players are asked to "pick up" if they cannot score. The Championships marshals will monitor this closely. 

23. Men's divisions: A grade = 0 to 9, B grade = 10 to 18, C grade = 19 to 27, D Grade = 28 to 36.  Depending on the number of entries, the divisions may be altered without notice at the tournament director's discretion. A division may be deleted if an inadequate number of competitors in each division enter the Championships. The maximum handicap for men is 36.

24. Ladies divisions:  A grade = 0 to 20, B grade = 21 to 30, C grade = 31 to 45. Depending on the number of entries, the divisions may be altered without notice at the tournament director's discretion. A division may be deleted if an inadequate number of competitors in each division enter the Championships. The maximum handicap for women is 45.

25. Players shall remain in the grade in which they commence for the duration of the Championships, despite any increase or reductions in handicaps upon entering the event. Defending champions will play in the division in which they commence play in the Championships, irrespective of the division in which they won the previous year.

26. Grade divisions prior to the event at the Tournament Director's discretion are made to try and arrange equal numbers of players in each grade so all competitors have a similar opportunity to compete in their grade.

27. All male players will play off the same tees as allocated in the playing conditions on the day. All female players will play off the same set of women's tees.

28. There will be no playoffs in the team or individual events. All ties will be decided by countback. In the team event, the best team score (the team's top three individual scores) on the final day wins, then the best team score on Day 2 and so on. After this, the fourth players' scores are used and the best team total (all four scores) on the final day wins, then the best team total on Day 2 and so on, then the best final nine holes and so on. In the individual grades, the win on countback will be awarded to the best final nine holes, then the last six, then the last three holes and so on.

29. In the event of wet weather, the tournament director will monitor the golf course and weather bureau closely then make a decision on the conditions in due time. Player's patience will be appreciated.  Players are not permitted to leave the premises and must remain within the golf course boundary to remain eligible for the Championships.

30. If weather conditions prevent players from completing any round, that round will be cancelled and the Championships reduced accordingly. Where a competition round is cancelled or players complete less than 12 holes, golfers will receive a voucher for another round of golf (including cart) valid for 12 months (subject to availability, not redeemable for cash, not transferable and not valid for the following years' Australian Social Golf Club Championships).

31. In the event of any disputes during play, please pull aside and wait for the marshal, rules' official and/or the tournament director to attend to your enquiry or play a second ball. 

32. The tournament director's decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into. 


33. Prizes and giveaways awarded during the Championships will be in accordance with the Rules of Golf, closely observing the rules of amateur status.

34. There will be daily presentations following golf each day.

35. Final round prizes, along with all major awards, will be presented at the final Presentation Dinner.

36. Prize winners are responsible for the collection of their prizes for all awards presented during the Championships. Prizes will be held for 30 days after the Championships and will be surrendered after this time if not collected. 

37. In addition to daily prizes, the categories in the Australian Social Golf Club Championships are:
          a. Champion Australian Social Golf Club
          b. Men's and Ladies' Individual Champions and runners-up in each grade


38. Teams, clubs and individuals can register their intention to play by notifying the tournament director by phone, fax or email to reserve a place in the field. This place will be held until the entry form and payment is received or until entries close or the field is full.

39. Entries close at 5pm July 31 or when the field is full (whichever occurs first).  Entries received after the field is full will be placed on a waiting list and notified when places are available. Entry fees quoted are based on a per-person basis in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST. 

40. The Early Bird Discount closes at 3pm on June 30. The discount only applies to those players who have paid all fees IN FULL by this date.  After this time, the discount does not apply and full fees are required.

41. Founding members of the ASGCC who played in the first event in 2005, qualify to receive a special Founding Member Discount of $100 off their Championship entry.

42. Entrants can redeem ASGCC discount prize vouchers issued by SGA. Prize vouchers are not combinable - a player holding multiple discount prize vouchers can only use one voucher (presumably the voucher of greatest value). A prize voucher can be combined with the Early Bird Discount and the Founding member Discount for a reduced rate off Championship entry.

43. Discount and prize vouchers are not transferable or redeemable for cash and can only be used for the next staging of the event.

44. Entry fees do not include airport or practice round transfers, travel insurance, airfares, any incidentals, food or beverages outside of that outlined in the terms and conditions. All figures quoted are based on a per person basis in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.

45. A deposit of $200 each for players and partners MUST accompany each completed entry form to reserve your place in the Championships.

46. A late fee of $50 per player may be charged on top of the entry fee to players who have not paid in full by August 1st. Players on the "reserves" list will be given first option to fill any unpaid spaces after this date.

47. Credit card payments can be made by Visa or MasterCard only and incur a 2% transaction fee added to the entry fee. Diners Club, American Express or any other credit card are not accepted. Social Golf Australia recommends players and their guests pay by cheque, money order, direct deposit or electronic funds transfer (EFT) where NO transaction fees are incurred.

48. Refund applications received in writing before 5pm 30th June may be subject to a $100 administration charge.

49. Cancellation in writing after August 1 and before 9am August 10 may be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.  Cancellation after August 10 may be subject to a 75% cancellation fee plus 100% of the cost of accommodation.

50. Social Golf Australia will take no responsibility for any misdirected payments, cheques, money orders or deposits made directly or by EFT. Social Golf Australia will take no responsibility for any misdirected credit card details as all details and records are kept secure at all times. Social Golf Australia will take no responsibility for any misdirected entry forms or deposits made via post.  Proof of posting is not proof of receipt. If payment has been misdirected, it is the player's responsibility to track down the lost payment and/or provide proof of the transaction. 

51. When payment has been received in full, a receipt, welcome letter and an event itinerary with detailed instructions will be emailed or posted to you as soon as possible after July 1. You will only receive this information once your completed entry form and full payment has been received by Social Golf Australia.

52. Photocopies and/or faxes of this entry form will be accepted but must be clearly legible and show each competitor's original signature.  No block entries will be accepted.  Each competitor must complete their own entry form.  Only partners are permitted to enter on the same form and it is understood that the signatory has explained these terms and conditions to them or provided them with a copy to read.

General Conditions

53. Dress code for Presentation Evening is neat casual attire.

54. Children are not permitted to attend the Gala Presentation Evening. Attendees must be over 18 years of age in observance of Queensland's liquor licensing laws.

55. Beverages included at each social function include standard Australian beer, wine, juice and soft drinks. Functions do not include spirits, but they will be available for purchase.

56. Golf course transfers are included on competition days and are to and from scheduled golf courses and the ARAI Apartments. Off-route stops will not be made unless in an emergency. Should any player or partner miss their transfers, their onward or return journey will be at their own expense. No claim can be made or will be heard by Social Golf Australia.

57. Food or beverages are not permitted in any transferring vehicle, coach, limousine, car or bus.

58. Lunch is included for competition days only.  Lost lunch tickets will not be replaced. 

59. BYO alcohol is not permitted on any of the golf courses.

60. Social Golf Australia may arrange media promotion and publicity before, during and after the Championships. Competitors agree to references to them and/or photographs of them appearing and/or being used for purposes determined by Social Golf Australia or their representative/s and sponsors via their signature appearing on this entry form.

61. All competitors, partners, family and their guests participate in the Australian Social Golf Club Championships at their own risk.

62. Damages to or theft from (if any) any golf course (and/or but not limited to), electric carts, surrounding residential areas, entrances, transfer vehicles, the Radisson Resort, Social Golf Australia property, car parks, garden beds and any other and all property is to be paid for by the individual(s) responsible.

63. Social Golf Australia reserves the right to refuse entry into the Championships, disqualify and/or remove any person or people from the premises or the Championships without notice. This applies to all matters concerning the rules and etiquette of golf and any anti-social behaviour, verbal abuse towards staff, or abuse of the Responsible Service of Alcohol act. Social Golf Australia along with management of any venue participating in the event will solely determine what is and what is not anti-social behaviour. No further correspondence will be entered into.

64. Social Golf Australia reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or vary the event without notice.

65. Social Golf Australia reserves the right to amend any conditions, playing conditions, format, venues, rules or terms of the Championships before, during or after the event without notice.

66. The term "fore" is to be used by a player or their group to warn any person/s on, near or surrounding the golf course boundary of a moving ball that may cause harm. If a person has been hit by a golf ball, golf club or any other part of a player's equipment, that player is deemed responsible for any and all damages that may be incurred. Social Golf Australia, the participating courses, sponsors, suppliers and/or any person or organisation associated with the Championships will not be held liable in any circumstances. 

67. Golf activities can be dangerous. All competitors understand that they are exposed to certain risks during golf activities and that accidents can and do happen.  Acceptance of entry releases Social Golf Australia and the participating courses from all claims that entrants may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with  participation, and indemnifies each competitor and will keep indemnified Social Golf Australia and the participating courses in respect of any claim by any person arising as a result of or in connection with participation in any golf activities. 

68. Social Golf Australia, Palm Meadows Golf Course, Lakelands Golf Club, Robina Woods Golf Course, Gold Coast Direct Charters, ARIA Apartments, sponsors and any other suppliers of goods or services accept no liability for any death, injury, property loss or damage incurred during or arising out of any aspect of the conduct of the Championships.  The Australian Social Golf Club Championships shall be under the management and control of Social Golf Australia in conjunction with management of the venues.

69. By signing and returning your entry form, you agree that you will receive correspondence from sponsors and have read this section (Terms and Conditions of Championship Entry) of the Australian Social Golf Club Championships and agree to abide and be bound by them.

Minor Sponsorship

70. Minor sponsorship of the ASGCC is $50 over event entry fees.

71. Minor sponsors will be invoiced by Social Golf Australia for Event Sponsorship & Advertising.

72. Minor sponsorship cannot be used in conjunction with SGA discounts (inc Founding Member) and prize vouchers.

73. Sponsor Benefits include:

  • Logo and links from ASGCC website
  • Logo and thanks in ASGCC Tournament Program