The SGA Tour

The Social Golf Australia (SGA) Tour

Battle for glory (and amazing prizes) in our professionally-run, state-based amateur events, by becoming a card-carrying member of the SGA Tour.

As an SGA Tour member, you can vie for trophies in our monthly/fortnightly Tour events and our annual marquee events: Club Championships, Tour Championships, State Matchplay and Trans-Murray Matchplay events. You will also gain eligibility for our prestigious Order of Merit, SGA Tour Honour Board and Golfer of the Year honours, as well as enjoying priority booking preferences at many of our events, discounts, free golf swag and more!

"The Tour" season comprises between 10 and 20 events played on some of the best courses available. Due to our large group bookings, we are able to secure green fee discounts at some courses that will be passed on to you - the 'Tour player'. Prize costs are included in the entry price for each event and anyone is welcome to join the fun of playing on the Tour. 

Just like the professional golf tours, each SGA Tour has its own Order of Merit with a Tour Championship at the end of the season. At the end of the season, the Order of Merit winner is determined and the final event of the year is the exclusive Tour Championship played on one of the top courses in each city. Only the leading 20 players in the Order of Merit are eligible to compete for the Tour Championship at the final event of the year.

Anyone can play on the Tour and simply pay as you play in as many events as you like. It is not expensive to join the Tour and being a member has a lot of great benefits.

Here's what you'll get when you become a member of the SGA Tour:

  • SGA Tour cap, stubby-holder and three Srixon golf balls
  • Exclusive access to premium SGA Tour events
  • Priority booking preference for SGA Tour events
  • Eligibility to represent the Tour at two major events:
    • Trans-Murray Matchplay (TMMP) in Corowa
    • The SGA Championships on the Gold Coast
  • Discount entry in the Trans-Murray Matchplay
  • Exclusive discounts and offers from SGA partners
  • Eligibility to win an SGA Tour Trophy at every event
  • Eligibility for Course Records on the Honour Board
  • Eligibility for the SGA Tour Trophy Titles:
    • Order of Merit
    • Club Championships
    • SGA Matchplay
    • 4BBB Championship
    • The Tour Championship
    • Golfer of the year

At $60 for the year, it is outstanding value! 

Important Note: SGA Tour Membership is not included in the $95 cost of maintaining your handicap with The SGA Golf Club. The SGA Tour is our event series and The SGA Golf Club is our handicap provider – we keep the two separate to offer golfers flexibility and choice.

Note also that you do not need to keep your handicap with The SGA Golf Club to play in the SGA Tour events or to be an SGA Tour Member. All golfers are welcome!

The Tour offers the opportunity to play golf in a social and competitive setting. If you are already a member of a golf club, the Tour can provide you with variety of other exciting courses to play in competitions for great prizes. If you are learning the game, are not a member of a club, don't have a handicap, or are just an enthusiastic golfer simply wanting to expand your social circle, the SGA Tour is a place where you can come and enjoy the game with like-minded people. All enthusiastic golfers are welcome.

For more information on joining the SGA Tour, contact our team:

Tour Website

Tour Manager






Michael David
Matthew Pitt

mick (at)
nsw (at)

0402 488 253
0425 742 501




Dean Miller

dean (at)

0416 208 281




Mick David

wa (at)

0402 488 253




Dave Rushmore

qld (at)

0421 796 716




Andy Dealey

sa (at)

0408 715 599


TAS SGA Tour Andrew Lowe tas (at)

0417 855 935




How to Enter an SGA Tour Event

  • Email, phone or text your entry to the Tour Manager in your State - contact details above.
  • If it is your first event, please provide your GOLF Link number (if you have one).
  • If you wish, you can nominate your preferred playing partners or, we can group you with other enthusiastic golfers.
  • Confirm your attendance by making payment by EFT, cheque, direct deposit or by credit card (attracts a 2% fee).
  • When you email your entry, we will reply with payment details. Our regular Tour info emails also have payment details.
  • A few days before each event, players are emailed event details (including starting time, groups, directions, etc).