Tasman Classic

The 2020 SGA Tasman Classic (May 1 – 3) – Barnbougle Dunes & Lost Farm

Special Announcement

On Thursday March 19 2020, Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein declared a state of emergency for the island and declared that ALL "non-essential" travellers arriving in Tasmania will be forced to quarantine for two weeks under coronavirus border measures dubbed the toughest in the country.

We have spoken with both Barnbougle Dunes and Vortex Air and it seems that the only option we have at this point is to postpone the event and we will set about arranging full refunds for all the golfers already booked on the trip. We are very disappointed to have to postpone the event and we apologise for any inconvenience.

We are planning to continue hosting all our events as usual as golf is one of the few sports that can operate within the CONVID-19 requirements and this week we published SGA Event Guidelines for COVID-19. Keep an eye on the Social Golf Australia (SGA) Facebook page where we make important announcements regarding our events and operations.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Pitt

Managing Director
Social Golf Australia


The SGA Tasman Classic is an event that we originally developed through Bushranger Golf called the Cash & Co Classic (CCC). We wanted to develop an event to be played at Barnbougle Dunes and The Lost Farm – Australia's most spectacular & popular golfing destination.

All the Bushranger Golf events are named for people and adventures in the bushranger pantheon of Australian history and, as Martin Cash was the gentleman bushranger and the most famous outlaw from Tassie, The Cash & Co. Classic was the obvious choice for this event.

Click here for the SGA Tasman Classic online
booking page to register your interest

The CCC has been a great success over a number of years but with the opening of the magnificent Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes golf courses on King island, we had many customers inquiring about an event staged at these remarkable new layouts. We threw the idea around here at SGA and decided to redevelop the CCC and keep it as a 54-hole event but for it to alternate annually between two of the best golf destinations in Australia – Barnbougle Dunes & King Island. We wanted to move it into the SGA stable of events and, as it will be held annually at two Tasmanian golf destinations, the way was clear to establish The SGA Tasman Classic.

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The 2020 SGA Tasman Classic Packages

When: 1, 2 & 3 May 2020
Where: Barnbougle Dunes & The Lost Farm
What: 54 holes over three days.
Accom: On course hotel rooms at The Lost Farm Lodge
Travel: Fly commercial or join our charter flights with Vortex Air (see below).
Who: 64 places are available and the event is open to all golfers.
Inclusions: A dozen golf balls per person
Two nights accommodation (twin-share or a single)
Personally hosted and professionally managed golf event
Live Scoring & event Management via the Golf Genius App
Scores for each round entered on GOLF Link
Your own copy of the Tournament Program
Deposit: A $250 deposit is required to secure your place.
Balance: Full payments to SGA (see details below) are due two months prior (March 1).
Inquiries: Email mick(at)sgatour.com.au or matt(at)sgatour.com.au
SGA Tasman Classic online booking page

Package One – Twin-Share

Two nights twin-share accommodation at The Lost Farm Lodge
Price: $749 per person

Package Two – Single Room

Two nights single room accommodation at The Lost Farm Lodge
Price: $899 per person

Extra Nights and Extra Golf
Golfers taking our charter flights with Vortex Air must fly in Friday morning and fly out Sunday arvo, but the golfers flying commercial into Launceston have more flexibility. Some people choose to arrive on Thursday and/or stay through until Monday. To assist with this, we have booked additional accommodation on Thursday & Sunday nights and reserved tee times at Barnbougle Dunes on Thursday arvo and Monday morning. if you wish to extend your stay and fit in another game at Barnbougle so you play both courses twice, just let us know when you book and add the additional coins to your payment.

Extra nights twin- share $105 pp per night
Extra nights single room $185 pp per night
Extra Golf at Barnbougle Dunes $109 per person

Traveling to The Barn & The Farm

Commercial flights

Commercial flights from around Australia fly in to Launceston which is a one hour drive from Barnbougle. Car hire is available at the airport and there is a bus that regularly transfers golfers from Launceston airport to Barnbougle Dunes. There are Travel Directions and Airport Transfers pages with info on the Barnbougle website.

Vortex Air charter flights with SGA from Moorabbin or Essendon

SGA have chartered return flights with our partner Vortex Air from both Moorabbin and Essendon Airports that are available for $575 per person from Moorabbin or $675 per person from Essendon. These can seat up to eight people on each flight. As SGA is carrying the risk of empty seats on the planes, to reserve your place on a charter flight, please pay a $300 deposit to SGA by three months prior to the event and the balance of the payment by two months prior with your event entry payment. Cancellations of flight bookings will receive a refund of the deposit only if we have no empty seats on planes – if we have empty seats, any cancellations will not receive a refund as those monies will offset SGA’s incurred costs of empty seats on the charter flights.

Entry, Information & Inquiries

Click here for the SGA Tasman Classic online booking page to register your interest

Contact Mick David
Mobile 0402 488 253
Email mick (at) sgatour.com.au
Contact Matthew Pitt at SGA Head Office
Office (03) 5433 3213 Mobile 0425 742 501
Email matt (at) sgatour.com.au

Deposit & Entry Payments

To register and make payment Click here

Or EFT (with YOUR name in the payment reference) to:

Social Golf Australia
Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633000
Account Number: 130203821

For credit card payments (add 2%), call SGA Head Office on (03) 5433 3213.

2020 Tasman Classic Event Itinerary




Friday May 1


Private charter planes commence departing Moorabbin & Essendon Airports
Private charter plane(s) arrive at Barnbougle
First groups tee off at The Lost Farm

Saturday May 2


Transfers depart for Barnbougle Dunes
Tee off at Barnbougle Dunes

Sunday May 3


First groups tee off at The Lost Farm
Charter plane(s) depart for Melbourne

Some Tasman Classic Info

The Format: The Tasman Classic features an individual format and we have a pairs and a singles category to determine who the three (or more) TC Champions are each year. We play a different format each day (Stableford, Par & Stroke) and run an Order of Merit points system: each day, player's scores are ranked from first to last and points will be allocated according to the player's rank. The points for the three rounds are totalled and the player(s) with the greatest points are declared the winners. To establish the three winners, we run a singles and a pairs division. For the pairs division, all players are paired with a mate and the combined total of their points scored over three days are their pairs result.

The Irish Drop Rule - Barnbougle has as a local rule that a ball lost in the deep rough can be regarded as lost in a hazard and the player takes a stroke penalty but not distance, so a ball can be dropped at the point of entry into the rough (as per a lateral water hazard). This is valuable to implement as conditions can get tough at times and this rule increases the enjoyment for all and speeds up play.

The 10 Shot Mercy Rule - For the stroke round we have a 10 shot mercy rule. This means 10 is the maximum score for any hole so when a player has had nine shots and they have not holed out, they can pick up and record the score as 10. This will avoid any unnecessarily embarrassing numbers and help keep up the pace of play.

The Farmer Mulligan Rule - The Lost Farm has 20 holes - two extra (betting) holes are included on the scorecard as 13A & 18A. As we want to play all 20 holes, we will include these two extra holes in our comp and players get two Mulligan holes. 13A is index 19 and 18A is index 20. Players with handicaps of more than 18 will use these as their 19th and 20th holes where they get one shot and golfers with handicaps of more than 20 will get two shots on each hole from the hardest ranked hole. Hence golfer with a handicap of 21 will only get 2 shots on the hole ranked # 1 on the stroke index. At the end of the Lost Farm rounds, players eliminate their two worst holes and tally their score from their best 18 holes for the day.

The Boobyalla Break - The Barnbougle courses have four sets of tees and each of the tees are recommended for players of a particular handicap range. Our aim will be to play off the equivalent of the Blue & Red Tees each day, however this may be amended with consideration to the playing conditions and weather on each day. If a golfer prefers to play off longer tees than the ones we have set for the day, they are welcome to do so – the event is primarily for the fun of playing these superb golf courses and players will not be restricted from playing from the tees that they will enjoy most.

Playoffs: There are no countbacks or playoffs, so if there is a tie in either the pairs or the singles event, all tied players are declared the champions for that year. In the event that the individual winner is also one of the winning pairs team, only two winners will be declared champions for that year.

Nearest-the-Pin & Longest Drive: We do none of this stuff at this event - just golf.