Andy Lee & SGA

Andy Lee - Social Golf Australia Ambassador

Social Golf Australia is proud to have TV & radio personality and certified golf tragic Andy Lee as an SGA Ambassador.


Andy Lee and his mate Hamish Blake are better known as Hamish & Andy from their high-rating national radio shows on the Today Network and the variety of television programs they have produced including Real Stories, several trips in their Caravan of Courage and several series of Hamish & Andy's Gap Year.


Andy is an avid golfer who plays off a 12 handicap and supports the game as a Golf Australia Ambassador. In 2011, he won his first international golf tournament during Hamish & Andy's Gap Year when he holed a wedge from 30 metres to take out the New York City Street Golf World Championship against Tiger Hood (see video below).


Andy Lee and SGA - An unofficial revisionist history

By a quirk of fate, Andy Lee played a minor role in the evolution of Social Golf Australia. By an even greater quirk, SGA founder Matthew Pitt played an even more minor role in the history of Andy Lee's radio career.

In the early 2000s, Matthew Pitt worked at Melbourne community radio station SYN (Student youth Network). He was the founding executive producer of the afternoon drive program when the station became a full-time broadcaster in April 2003. To find presenters for the program, Matt was given a box of audio cassettes from people who had applied for programs in the initial broadcast period and been rejected by the programming directors. Amongst the rejects was a show demo from uni students Hamish Blake, Andy Lee and Ryan Shelton.

Andy_Lee___SGA_Tour___Kingston_Heath_1.JPG   Andy_Lee_on_18_at_KH_1.JPG

Above we see Andy Lee at the 2010 Victorian SGA Tour Championship at Kingston Heath. On the left he
tees off on the short par four 3rd hole and on the right he celebrates making his putt on the 18th green.

Matt gave the boys a call and asked them to host the Friday afternoon drive show and passed on everything he knew about producing a radio show. Within a minute or two of being on air, the trio of grasshoppers had left their master behind and went on to become the most popular show on the station over the next six months. Hamish was already working as a writer at Fox FM at the time and their great sense of humour and appetite for fun, their work ethic, writing ability, comedic instincts, planning and professionalism set them apart from the outset.

After completing their radio show on SYN, Hamish, Andy and Ryan celebrated the success of the show with Matt by playing the Drive Time Radio Celebrity 2-Ball Ambrose World Golf Championship. Only two teams entered, with Hamish & Andy taking on Ryan & Matt in a titanic struggle. The event was played over nine holes at the famous Royal Park Golf Course where five-time British open Champion Peter Thompson had learnt the game. Andy and Matt were the two golfers in the field doing the bulk of the scoring with Hamish and Ryan hitting the odd good shot but mainly playing to their strengths and supplying some very entertaining commentary.

Matthew_Pitt__Ryan_Shelton__Hamish_Blake___Andy_Lee_1.JPG    Andy_Lee__Hamish_Blake__Harry___Matthew_Pitt___Ryan_Shelton_2.JPG

On the left we see Matt, Ryan, Hamish and Andy having a hit of golf in Melbourne in 2003 and on
the right they are joined by Harry Pitt in Benalla during the first Caravan of Courage in 2007

After their stint on SYN, Ryan, Hamish, Andy and friend Tim Bartly produced their own TV program in late 2003 called Radio Karate for Channel 31 community TV station. The show drew attention from Channel 7 and led to their first opportunity in commercial television. Around the same time, Hamish & Andy jagged a late evening slot on Fox FM and have now gone on to become Australia's highest-rating and most popular radio presenters.

The day at Royal Park was the first golf event Matt organised and it whet his appetite for getting friends together to enjoy a hit and a laugh on the golf course. Six months later he founded The Bushranger Cup, a social golf event for a group of mates. That event was the inspiration for the foundation of Bushranger Golf (now Australia's biggest social golf club) in 2006 as Matt became an official handicapper and started running more events. Matt founded Social Golf Australia in 2008 and now organises and manages golf events around Australia. We are delighted to have Andy Lee as our SGA Ambassador and most appreciative of his ongoing support for the game, Bushranger Golf and Social Golf Australia.


On the left we see Andy Lee hitting his approach to the 10th hole on The Old Course at The National Golf Club
at the 2012 SGA Charity Golf Day and, on the right, SGA founder Matthew Pitt with Andy on the same day

 A word from our Ambassador

Social Golf Australia hosts fun and professional golf events for all amateur golfers and I am very happy to be associated with them as an ambassador and to lend my support. On a personal note, I would also like to say that I am indebted to Matt for everything he has done for my golf career. I certainly would not have achieved all I have in golf without Matt's unwavering support over many years. Matt, for all those missed fairways, three-jabs, pull-hooks, slices, flubs, shanks, tops, cuts, duffs and whiffs, I thank you for your inspiration and I look forward to enjoying many more of these and laughs among friends playing the greatest game of all for many years to come. Enjoy your golf. Cheers,


Andy Lee


Winner - 2011 New York City Street Golf World Championship
Runner Up - 2003 Drive Time Radio Celebrity Ambrose World Golf Championship



Andy Lee plays New York City Street Golf with Tiger Hood

Click on the video above to watch Andy Lee playing street golf in New York City with
Tiger Hood. This video is from Episode 3 of Hamish & Andy's Gap Year, in New York in 2011.