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In 2015, a situation developed that some golf clubs (mostly in NSW and particularly in Sydney) have decided that golfers with a handicap maintained through non-traditional golf clubs (including the QANTAS Golf Club (partnered with Golf Australia), The SGA Golf Club, etc) are not welcome to play as guests in their club competitions or there are restrictions placed on entry and/or the prizes that can be won. This is their prerogative as a private club. We have brought this to the attention of Golf Australia and commenced contacting these clubs on this matter as they have come to our attention and offered to work collaboratively with them. Some clubs have openly declared that they do not want Social Golf Club players with handicaps through a model similar to ours as guests at their facility and/or entering their competitions.

There are several possible explanations for this. For over 100 years, golf clubs in Australia have had a monopoly on issuing golf handicaps and elitism around private club membership is part of the history of the game. Over the past 10 years, Golf Australia has deregulated the golf handicap market by creating more avenues for golfers to access a handicap to try and increase participation in the game and engage with more golfers interested in holding a Golf Australia handicap and playing in official competitions. Some clubs are opposed to this initiative by Golf Australia and choose to try and protect their monopoly by refusing to accept guests in their competitions who access a handicap via a non-traidtional golf club that offers a discount handicap.

There is a strong case to be made that this logic is counter-intuitive and that if a club is seeking to optimise club memberships and revenues, then the prime target market would be golfers who have a handicap that are not members of a formal club. The only other options for target demographic are ‘social golfers’ who do not have a handicap or existing members of other clubs. With so many clubs struggling for members and revenue, there is a great deal of competition for new club members. Those clubs that elect to actively deter engagement with SGA Golf Club Members and other golfers with handicaps through similar providers, are effectively declaring that either they have sufficient members and revenues, or their only target for new members is to win over members from other golf clubs.

Note that to provide our SGA Golf Club Members (and all golfers with an official handicap) with options for competition play, we offer regular events in each of the mainland State capital cities. These are official competitions with results on GOLF Link held every few weeks at a range of great golf courses and clubs around Australia. All golfers are welcome to enter our SGA Tour events; we have an inclusive--not exclusive--approach to golf.

We have a great many clubs and courses we work closely with and we have fostered a positive and constructive realtionship. Hence, to assist our golfers and any golfers in Sydney considering accessing a handicap through The SGA Golf Club, we have published a list below of the golf clubs where SGA Golf Club Members are welcome to enter as guests in club competitions. In addition, for the clubs that don’t want SGA customers visiting, we will assist them by publishing them on a list here – thanks if you can help these clubs by acceding to their wishes and please do not visit these facilities. Your support in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Clubs in NSW that DO welcome
SGA Golf Club Members
in their club competitions.
Clubs in NSW still to be
confirmed as to where
they stand on this issue
Clubs in NSW that DO NOT
welcome SGA GC Members
in their club competitions.
Bayview GC
Campbelltown GC
Cumberland GC
Everglades CC
Hunter Valley G&CC
Kogarah GC
Links Shell Cove
Lynwood CC
Macquarie Links GC
Magenta Shores
Oatlands GC
Riverside Oaks
The Ridge GC
Twin Creeks GC
Windsor GC
Concord GC
Eastlake GC
Glenmore Heritage
Kooindah Waters
Liverpool GC
Long Reef GC
Mona Vale GC
Mt Broughton GC
Newcastle GC
Wentworth Falls GC
Wollongong GC
Woolooware GC
Bankstown GC
Camden Lakeside GC
Carnarvon GC
Coffs Harbour GC
Moore Park GC
St Michaels GC
Stonecutters Ridge
The Coast GC
Wyong GC