SGA Tasman Classic

The SGA Tasman Classic

Your Ultimate Tasmania Golf Trip!

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Tee it up on a "Bucket List" adventure in this exciting Tasmania Golf Trip:

  • Play 54 holes on Australia’s most amazing and popular golf courses.
  • Enjoy spectacular on-course accommodation.
  • Battle for individual and team honours and great prizes.

Most importantly, have a heap of fun!

A major annual highlight on the calendar for many of our golfers, the SGA Tasman Classic is a three-day Tasmanian Golf Trip that is packed with adventure. Tee it up at Tasmania's Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm, or King Island's Ocean Dunes and Cape Wickham, and enjoy Australia’s most spectacular and popular golf courses! Play 54 holes of world-class golf over three days, enjoy spectacular on-course accommodation, and battle for great prizes. Most importantly, have a heap of fun!

2022 SGA Tasman Classic – Barnbougle, Tasmania

Barnbougle + Lost Farm. May 20-22, 2022
Tee it up at the magnificent Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm for our 2022 Tasman Classic! It's a bucket-list adventure for any golfer!

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Golfers at Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm, 2021

The 2021 SGA Tasman Classic – Top fun in Tasmania

Nearly 70 SGA golfers teed it up at the magnificent Barnbougle Dunes and The Lost Farm for our 2021 event. Here are the results and photos!
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Past Tasman Classic Champions

SGA Tasman Classic Honour Board

2021 Barnbougle/Farm Michael Freake (A Grade) Jerry Nguyen (B Grade) Rebecca Heng (C Grade)
2020 COVID-enforced cancellation
2019 Cape Wickham/Ocean Dunes Matt Thomas Chris Moody Glen Dalman
2018 Barnbougle/Farm Pete Dennis Glen McGowan Mark McNamara
2017 Cape Wickham/Ocean Dunes Scott Blair-West Shane Lawlor Mark Henderson
2016 Barnbougle/Farm Gareth Hoar William Kain Joel Mathew
2015 Hidden Valley, Axedale GC and Heathcote GC Darren Nelson Joel Matthews Des Baker
2014 Barnbougle/Farm Sebastian Shand Athol Marks Mark O'Dwyer
2013 Curlewis GC, Anglesea GC & The Sands Torquay Mark Henderson Richard Fellner Matthew Pitt
2012 Barnbougle/Farm Ian Crotty Mark Morgan Craig Smith
2011 Barnbougle/Farm Brendan Vanderwerf Liam Anderson Matthew Pitt

SGA Tasman Classic Format

The Tasman Classic features a Stableford format over the three rounds of the event with an Order of Merit points system, where, each day, player's scores are ranked from first to last. The points for the three rounds are totalled, and the player(s) with the greatest points are declared the winners.

Prizes are awarded to the A, B and C-Grade winners.


Special Rules and Info

Barnbougle Lost Ball Rule vs Stroke and Distance

Barnbougle utilises a local rule that a ball lost in the deep rough can be regarded as lost in a hazard and the player takes a one-stroke penalty (but not distance, so a ball can be dropped within two club lengths from at the point of entry into the rough (as per a lateral water hazard/Penalty Area). This is valuable to implement as conditions can get tough at times and this rule increases the enjoyment for all and speeds up play.


There are no countbacks or playoffs, so if there is a tie, all tied players are declared the champions for that year.

Lost Farm's  20 holes

Lost Farm has 20 holes - two extra (betting) holes are included on the scorecard as 13A & 18A. As we want to play all 20 holes, we will include these two extra holes in our comp as "side-comps".

Boobyalla Break

The Barnbougle courses have four sets of tees and each of the tees are recommended for players of a particular handicap range. Our aim will be to play off the equivalent of the Blue & Red Tees each day, however this may be amended with consideration to the playing conditions and weather on each day. If a golfer prefers to play off longer tees than the ones we have set for the day, they are welcome to do so – the event is primarily for the fun of playing these superb golf courses and players will not be restricted from playing from the tees that they will enjoy most.

History of the SGA Tasman Classic, the Ultimate Tasmania Golf Trip

The SGA Tasman Classic was originally developed in 2011 through our Bushranger Golf brand as the Cash and Co Classic. It was a weekend Tasmania Golf Trip that allowed our golfers to get away, and test themselves on some great golf courses.

In the first two years of the Cash and Co Classic, we played two rounds at Barnbougle Dunes, and one round at The Lost Farm. It was a deluxe golf trip with chartered private planes taking us directly from Moorabbin Airport to the golf courses.

With the opening of the magnificent Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes golf courses on King Island, we had many customers inquiring about an event staged at these remarkable new layouts. Thus, we redeveloped the Cash and Co Classic to alternate annually between two of the best golf destinations in Australia – Barnbougle Dunes and King Island.

As the event grew, we decided to move it within the growing stable of SGA events and tournaments. So, in 2017 the event was re-branded to The SGA Tasman Classic, and has quickly grown to become one of SGA’s most popular annual events.

Alternating each year between two of Australia’s most exciting golf destinations—Tasmania’s Barnbougle Dunes and King Island—The SGA Tasman Classic sees our golfers tee it up at some of the highest-rated courses in the world. They enjoy 54 holes of high-quality golf over three days (including a Personally-hosted and professionally-managed competition for both individual and two-person teams). In addition, there is on-course accommodation for two nights, and the choice of either commercial flights or chartered flights which land right at the golf course.

Plus, all the usual fun, frivolity and excitement of an amazing golf weekend!

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