SGA launches Golf and Wine Tours

Golf and Wine Tours

SGA Launches Golf and Wine Tours

Golf and Wine Tours

Social Golf Australia are excited to launch a brand-new golf service: our fully-hosted Golf and Wine Tours! The new service gives our golfers access to fun, professional and high-quality Australian golf travel adventures. And, best of all, they are affordably priced.

Imagine playing some of Australia’s best golf courses, and sampling some of the world's best wines. Then, after golf, you explore quaint Aussie towns, and tour local attractions. At the end of the day, relax in high-quality accommodation, and enjoy world-class food!

It's a dream holiday for many.

Best of all, SGA will do all the work. We'll take care of the planning, scheduling, tee-times, transfers and arrangements. All you do need to is show up, play golf and, most importantly, have fun!

Each tour is fully hosted by a member of the highly-experienced SGA Travel staff. With decades of travel and touring experience under our belts, and a huge network of travel partners, SGA provides fun and memorable travel adventures!

Plus, the non-golfing partners will be taken care of, too. A range of activities are on offer for each tour. Whether it's shopping, or enjoying a spa treatment, or just exploring the local landmarks or attractions, there are plenty of adventures on the menu!


Our first tour will be the 2021 Golf and Wine Tour of South Australia and The Barossa Valley, November 14-20! In the future, we'll add more packages and destinations. These will include Western Australia’s Margaret River, NSW’s The Hunter Valley, and many more. (so watch this space!)

For more on SGA Travel, including customised tours other locations across Australia and internationally, visit our SGA Hosted Trips and Travel Page.

Upcoming Tours

2022 Bonville Coffs
2022 Bonville and Coffs Harbour Golf Tour
Bonville and Coffs Harbour - Sept 4-10, 2022.
Enjoy a 7-day/6-night golf tour of Bonville and Coffs Harbour, including 4 rounds of golf at top golf courses, meals, transfers and more
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SGA Founder featured on Woke Blokes Podcast

SGA's Matthew Pitt on The Woke Blokes Podcast

SGA Founder Matthew Pitt featured on Woke Blokes Podcast

SGA's Matthew Pitt on The Woke Blokes Podcast

SGA Managing Director and founder Matthew Pitt is featured on a recent episode of the popular Woke Blokes podcast.  In this episode, Matt talks about dealing with grief--and the subsequent rebuilding of his life--after the devastating loss of his wife.

Moving forward following the loss of a loved one is never an easy task. Let alone when the survivor is suddenly tasked with raising three small children and running a small business. And Matthew faced this exact scenario in 2018.

Following the loss of his wife, Sally, to breast cancer, Matt began picking up the pieces to his life--emotionally, mentally and physically. He tried to find a way to forge ahead, both for himself and his children.

In the Podcast, Matt shares his experiences in an open, honest and tear-jerking discussion. He delves into a man's journey of dealing with heartbreak, and helping his children cope with their loss. He also shares how he found inspiration and life lessons through the game of golf. In addition, he discusses how he is slowly finding a way to take small steps forward.

Matt also talks about the important part golf plays in his life, and how Social Golf Australia works as a caring community; not only for him but also for people that join the various events every year.

The Woke Bloke Podcast is hosted by Nick Sutherland from MyndFit. MyndFit is a community helping people become mentally fitter, stronger and healthier by training the mind to think differently. Also on the episode is Ryan Hassan from The Centre for Healing.

Listen to the podcast here

Or watch the YouTube video below: