SGA Tour NSW Honourboards

SGA Tour NSW Honourboards

Below are the SGA Tour NSW Honourboards. (For more information on joining the SGA Tour, click here)

SGA Tour NSW - Current Leaderboard

Below is the Current SGA Tour NSW Leaderboard, including SGA Order of Merit, Club Championships, etc. (Click on the Category Arrow to filter the various leaderboards). (If the leaderboards fail to load, click here to view them via Golf Genius)

SGA Tour NSW Honourboards

Year Tour Champion Order of Merit Champion 4BBB Champion Golfer of the Year Club Champion
2021 John Waltis
2020 TBA Murray Opat Murray Opat TBA Murray Opat
2019 TBA Noel Frogley David Rizzo TBA Ben Jones
2018 Aaron Cook Brett Davies Murray Opat John Waltis Brett Davies
2017 Dan Cronin Pete Dennis Nick Hibberd Glen McGowan Dan Cronin
2016 Rob Walker Glen McGowan Brett Davies Mark Rice Brent Allen
2015 Kurt White Mark Eagleston Kurt White Dennis Murphy Mark Robertson
2014 Chris Bowen Adam Slater Luis Ramirez Aaron Cook N/A
2013 Luis Ramirez Martin Painter Martin Painter Albert Nasralla N/A

SGA Tour NSW - Course Records

The list below is the record score made by SGA Tour Members at all the venues that have hosted SGA Tour events in NSW. The scores are recorded according to the nett total under par for the round according to the course rating for the day. Hence a player who scored 40 stableford points when the par and course rating were both 72, will achieve a score of 4 under. A player who scores nett + 6 playing Par when the par is 72 and the rating is 71 will achieve a score on this list of 5 under. Only players who were SGA Tour Members in the year they scored the round are included.

Year Course Tour Member Score
2015 Bankstown GC Craig Johnston 8 under
2013 Bayview GC Luis Rene Ramirez 4 under
2015 Bayview GC Craig O'Donnell 4 under
2015 Bayview GC Carl D'Silva 4 under
2015 Bayview GC Glen McGowan 4 under
2018 Campbelltown GC Murray Opat 1 under
2015 Concord GC Martin Howard 1 under
2016 Cromer GC Glenn Hangan 2 over
2014 Eastlake GC Joe Lynch 4 under
2015 Everglades CC Glen McGowan 2 under
2017 Glenmore Heritage Nick Hibberd 5 under
2018 Glenmore Heritage Mark Rice 5 under
2015 Kogarah GC James Keys 3 under
2013 Kooindah Waters GC Luis Rene Ramirez 9 under
2013 Links Shell Cove Nui Koobthong 6 under
2019 Liverpool GC Soo Park 1 under
2014 Long Reef GC Sean Bullard 6 under
2014 Long Reef GC Kees Tijs 6 under
2014 Long Reef GC Stuart Read 6 under
2015 Lynwood CC Scott MacFarlane 4 under
2015 Lynwood CC Justin Sennitt 4 under
2015 Macquarie Links GC Mark Robertson 6 under
2016 Magenta Shores CC John Waltis 1 over
2016 Magenta Shores CC Brent Allen 1 over
2016 Mona Vale GC Pete Dennis 8 under
2016 Mona Vale GC Aaron Cook 8 under
2013 Moore Park GC Robbie O'Donnell 4 under
2014 Moore Park GC Adam Lawrence-Slater 4 under
2016 Mt Broughton GC Kurt White 1 under
2016 Mt Broughton GC Glen McGowan 1 under
2014 New South Wales GC Adam Lawrence-Slater 6 under
2014 Newcastle GC Aaron Cook 3 under
2013 Northbridge GC Martin Painter 5 under
2013 Northbridge GC Mark Eagleston 5 under
2015 Oatlands GC Adam Lawrence-Slater 3 under
2019 Oatlands GC Anthony Schilling 3 under
2013 Penrith GC Allan Thomas 2 under
2018 Riverside Oaks (B’gool) Robbie O’Donnell 5 under
2014 Riverside Oaks (G’gurru) Lachlan Rosengreen 8 under
2016 St Michaels GC Mark Rice 6 under
2017 Stonecutters Ridge GC Dan Cronin 9 under
2014 The Coast GC Taga Papua 2 over
2013 The Ridge GC Daniel Thomson 10 under
2014 Twin Creeks GC Craig O'Donnell 8 under
2019 Wentworth Falls CC Robbie O’Donnell 1 under
2016 Wentworth Falls CC Murray Opat 1 under
2015 Windsor GC Robert Walker 6 under
2016 Windsor GC John Waltis 6 under
2014 Wollongong GC Daniel Cronin 4 under
2013 Woolooware GC Joseph Siniska 2 under