SGA Tour Victoria Honourboards

SGA Tour Victoria Honourboards

Below are the SGA Tour Victoria Honourboards - noting the top accomplishments for members of the SGA Tour events. (For more information on joining the SGA Tour, click here)

SGA Tour Victoria - Current Leaderboard

Below is the Current SGA Tour Victoria Leaderboard, including SGA Order of Merit, Club Championships, etc. (Click on the Category Arrow to filter the various leaderboards).

2023 Season Leaderboard

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Order of Merit

Club Championships

4BBB Championships

SGA Tour Victoria Season Honours

Year Tour Champion Order of Merit Champion 4BBB Championship Golfer of the Year Club Championship SGA Matchplay
2023 Dean Connell Andrew Salvucci Yvonne Grant Bill Anastasopoulos Geoff Hannah Sean Weidemann
2022 Chris Morgan Dean Connell Yvonne Grant Drew Hallam Peter Langford Phil Peacock
2021 Dean Mitchell Neill Bell NA Cam Thompson Mark Verleg Shaun Condron
2020 Anthony Murphy Drew Hallam Jerry Nguyen Ian Steer Anthony Murphy Drew Hallam
2019 Daniel Mannix Dean Mitchell Daniel Komen Darren Nelson Darren Hansen Roberto Almano
2018 Dermott Cullen Dean Connell Ian Steer Gavan Doran Theo Vagias William Kain
2017 Darren Nelson Dean Miller Ian Steer Theo Vagias & Pete Calverley Pete Jensen William Kain
2016 William Kain Jimmy Lantides Rob Schreiner Dean Mitchell Steve Jurisic & Andrew Grant William Kain
2015 Russell Dent Darren Nelson Dean Mitchell Yvonne Yip Jason Layton Geoff Cohen
2014 Nick Mouhtaropoulos Dean Mitchell & Steve Morrison Pete Jensen Neil Hocking & Pete Solomou n/a n/a
2013 Sof Liakopoulos Jason Layton Simon De Roos Dan Gardner & Tomm Cassidy n/a n/a
2012 Sof Liakopoulos Nick Sutherland Nick Mouhtaropoulos Andy Hewlett n/a n/a
2011 Matthew Thomas Neil Hocking Chris Hull & Phil Smith Mark Henderson n/a n/a
2010 John Potter Rob Lugton Neil Hocking John Hearne n/a n/a



The list below includes the holes-in-one made by SGA Tour Members at SGA Tour events in Victoria. Only players who were SGA Tour Members in the year they scored the ace are included.

Day Date Year Course Tour Member Hole
Sunday November 10 2019 Eagle Ridge Michael Rohan 17
Sunday July 28 2019 Sorrento GC Craig Lonsdale 17
Sunday March 18 2018 Marysville GC Stephen Crockford 11
Sunday Sept 17 2017 Sorrento GC Ken Smith 5
Sunday July 13 2014 Gardiners Run Darren Swinnerton 7
Sunday March 3 2013 Heritage Henley Luke Redpath 8


Course Records

The list below is the record score made by SGA Tour Members at all the venues that have hosted SGA Tour events in Victoria. The scores are recorded according to the nett total under par for the round according to the course rating for the day. Hence a player who scored 40 stableford points when the par and course rating were both 72, will achieve a score of 4 under. A player who scores nett + 6 playing Par when the par is 72 and the rating is 71 will achieve a score on this list of 5 under. Only players who were SGA Tour Members in the year they scored the round are included.


Year Course Format Score Course Record
2011 Amstel Park St/ford 9 under Roger Brown
2011 Amstel Ranfurlie St/ford 7 under Dave Amos
2011 Barwon Heads GC St/ford 7 under David Judge
2016 Box Hill GC Stroke 3 under Steve Jurisic
2017 Box Hill GC Par 3 under Lino Polo
2012 Cape Schanck St/ford 6 under Nick Mouhtaropoulos
2015 Commonwealth GC St/ford Even par Brian Thom
2013 Cranbourne St/ford 8 under Steve Morrison
2014 Curlewis St/ford 7 under Craig Lonsdale
2016 Devilbend GC Par 1 under Mark Henderson
2016 Devilbend GC Par 1 under Theo Vagias
2022 Eagle Ridge St/ford 6 under Bosko Pavlovic
2012 Eastern GC (Doncaster) St/ford 4 over Chris Hull
2016 Eastern GC (South) St/ford 3 under Michael Rohan
2016 Eastern GC (South) St/ford 3 under Matthew Pitt
2024 Eastwood (Kilsyth) St/ford 5 under Mick David
2011 Eynesbury Par 8 under John Moore
2016 Flinders GC St/ford 2 under Geoff Cohen
2022 Flinders GC St/ford 2 under Stephen Conley
2022 Flinders GC St/ford 2 under Peter Calverley
2019 Gardiners Run St/ford 8 under Scott Willmer
2011 Gisborne GC Stroke 6 under Paul Enion
2010 Goonawarra GC Par 4 under Neil Hocking
2022 Growling Frog St/ford 8 under Shane Svenson
2022 Healesville CC St/ford 6 under Robin Browning
2015 Heathcote GC Stroke 7 under Mark Henderson
2015 Heritage Henley St/ford 6 under Tim Brazzale
2012 Heritage St. John St/ford 6 under Nick Sutherland
2015 Huntingdale GC St/ford 8 under Jayson Niewalda
2023 Kingston Heath GC St/ford 2 under Tony Sturesteps
2011 Kingston Links St/ford 9 under Matthew Pitt
2012 Kingswood GC St/ford Even par Nick Sutherland
2012 Kingswood GC St/ford Even par Tom Tomlin
2014 Long Island CC St/ford 5 under Paul Himarios
2021 Lonsdale Links St/ford 7 under Aileen Armour
2015 Mandalay St/ford 5 under Robert Schreiner
2016 Marysville St/ford 3 under Graham Sherlock
2010 Moonah Open Par 7 under Jason Layton
2017 Moonah Legends St/ford 6 under Dean Connell
2016 Mornington CG Par 4 under Pete Solomou
2013 Patterson River St/ford 5 under Marek Bohacz
2012 Portsea GC St/ford 8 under Rob Lugton
2012 Portsea GC St/ford 8 under Phil Smith
2011 Rosebud CC East St/ford 9 under Charlie Caputo
2015 Rosebud CC South St/ford 4 under Lino Polo
2016 Rosebud CC West St/ford 4 under Jonathan Morgan
2022 Rosebud CC North St/ford 5 under Drew Hallam
2010 Rosssdale GC St/ford 1 under Mario Parisi
2010 Rosssdale GC St/ford 1 under Warwick Stonehouse
2014 Sanctuary Lakes Par 5 under Darren Nelson
2015 Sanctuary Lakes St/ford 5 under Graeme Silvester
2013 Sandhurst Champions St/ford 7 under Matthew Trindall
2016 Sandhurst North St/ford 11 under Simon Lovett
2013 Settlers Run St/ford 6 under Martin Gray
2016 Settlers Run St/ford 6 under Yvonne Grant
2016 Settlers Run St/ford 6 under Dudley Dixon
2017 Sorrento GC St/ford 4 under Joel Matthews
2016 Spring Valley GC St/ford 3 under Paul Gray
2011 Spring Valley GC St/ford 2 under David Regenspurger
2010 St. Andrews Beach Par 7 under Neil Hocking
2014 St. Andrews Beach St/ford 7 under Pete Solomou
2014 Sunshine GC St/ford 5 under Ben Komala
2014 Sunshine GC St/ford 5 under Tom Tomlin
2012 The Dunes 4BBB St/ford 12 under Nick Mouhtaropoulos
2014 The National Ocean Par 3 under Jason Layton
2014 The National Ocean Par 3 under Paul Gray
2012 The National Old St/ford 3 under Bob Spicer
2013 The Sands Torquay St/ford 5 under James Boyle
2010 13th Beach Beach St/ford 7 under Ben Komala
2010 13th Beach Creek St/ford 6 under Mario Parisi
2015 Trentham GC Stroke 1 under Chris Morgan
2015 Trentham GC Stroke 1 under Corey Kelly
2015 Trentham GC Stroke 1 under Steve Jurisic
2012 Victoria GC St/ford 7 under William Kain
2012 Waterford Valley Par 8 under Jason Layton
2016 Woodlands GC St/ford 6 under Alastair Caskie
2014 Yarra Yarra St/ford 6 under Steve Morrison
2011 Yering Meadows St/ford 10 under David Parisi