4BBB Championship

SGA Tour 4BBB Championship

The SGA Tour Four Ball Better Ball (4BBB) Championship is an award for best cumulative score in the four events each year playing 4BBB. These events are our Mini-Majors for the year as they carry extra importance. Firstly, there are double the number of Order of Merit (OOM) points to be won as the pairs in the 4BBB each win the same points. Since we run OOM points down to 20th place, 40 players can receive placing points as opposed to usual 20 per event.

The 4BBB is decided by the cumulative score throughout all the 4BBB rounds in the year. Every Tour member's 4BBB scores are simply added together and the player(s) with the highest cumulative total at the end of the year wins the Championship. A 4BBB Perpetual Trophy will be struck and, at the end of the year, the 4BBB Championship winner will be presented with the trophy and prizes at the final event of the Tour season: The Tour Championship. 2010 is the first year this prestigious award will be presented.

To avoid ties in the 4BBB and to encourage socialising on Tour, no player can pair with the same partner in the 4BBB more than once per year.

4BBB Championship Terms & Conditions

  • Only Tour members are eligible.
  • The 4BBB Championship is derived from the scores achieved in the 4BBB events throughout the year.
  • The SGA Tours in each State are separate and the 4BBBs in each state are separate competitions and scores are not transferable from one Tour to another.
  • Only players with current and valid official handicaps are eligible.
  • SGA Tour Members must be entered in the competition on the day to qualify to receive OOM points for the event and/or to have scores included in the 4BBB Championship.
  • Eligibility, points awarded, event results, prizes awarded, membership and 4BBB Championship results are all at the sole discretion of Social Golf Australia.
  • Players enter and participate in events at their own risk.
  • Social Golf Australia reserves the right to amend, alter or revise the conditions of entry, the prize pool, membership status and event results without notice.
  •  In the event of a tie for the 4BBB Championship, there will be no countback and the tied players will share the award and the prize pool.