2021 AIFN Golf Event



AIFN Golf - Aboriginal Indigenous and First Nation Golf

AIFN Golf gives Australian Indigenous and First Nation individuals a chance to learn about and play golf through golf days and fun events.

Launched in 2021 in Far North Queensland by John Fejo -- an avid golfer-- AIFN Golf is a fast-growing program which has attracted the support of many Golf Industry businesses and organisations, including Golf Australia, Drummond Golf, Callaway and SGA.

Recent AIFN Golf Days

AIFN Golf Event Results – Babinda GC

Aboriginal and First Nation Golfers took to Babinda GC for the city v country. Here are the results and photos from the day
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AIFN Golf Event Results- Millaa Millaa GC

Aboriginal and First Nation Golfers took to Millaa Millaa GC. Here are the results and photos from the day
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AIFN Gordonvale

AIFN Golf Event Results- Gordonvale GC

Aboriginal and First Nation Golfers took to Gordonvale GC on October 31st. Here are the results and photos from the day
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AIFN Golf Event Results- Elarish GC

Aboriginal and First Nation Golfers took to Elarish GC on October 24, 2021. Here are the results and photos from the day
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AIFN Golf Babinda

AIFN Golf Event Results- Babinda GC, Oct 17 2021

Aboriginal and First Nation Golfers took to Babinda GC on Oct 17th, 2021. Here are the results and photos from the day
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2021 AIFN Golf Event

2021 AIFN Golf Event at hit in FNQ

The 2021 AIFN Golf event was a hit with Aboriginal Indigenous and First Nation golfers at Innisfail GC. Results & photos here.
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What AIFN golfers are saying....

Had a great day on the course with the balas. Weather was just perfect. Thanks too Leon Ambrum, Mick D, and Kishaun Fejo it was an enjoyable day and was a bonus we came first.

But the real winner is the A. I. F. N concept and all who participate in this tournament. To have Drummond Golf and Callaway as major sponsors is unbelievable. If the timing is right there is no reason this AIFN should not take off.  For a first ever A.I.F.N congratulations to the organisers, Big Thank you to the sponsors. Can't wait for the next tournament.

John McArthy

Thanks for making me a part of the best day of golf I've had, brother. I'm not much for words, but the way you made me feel welcome was good & hopefully get to be a part of another day with your lovely family & friends.

Leon Ambrum

Today I thought was an awesome first event. Everyone had a very positive attitude and it  felt very inclusive. It was also great for me personally to experience a competitive golf event, and gives me a lot of confidence to take part in more competitive golf events.

Lachlan Biondi-Odo

Today was a successful event held and organised by Mr John Fejo.  There was a great turnout and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Many of those who attended, found the day to be an immense day full of cameraderie and competitiveness.  I am looking forward to more awesome events and tournaments in the near future.

Today meant a lot to me in terms of participation in events/tournaments. I really appreciate being involved in days like today because I usually am too shy to join local golf comps. Today’s golf event gives me confidence because I feel comfortable being with a lot of my mates. I don’t feel pressured and judged, this allows me to have a good time.

The more of John Fejo’s events and tournaments that I am a part of in the future, will hopefully one day help me with my shyness to participate in any tournament Australia-wide. 

Thanks again to John Fejo and all those who are working closely alongside John. 

Trent Baptiste

Indigenous Golf Drawing 1

AIFN Golf Sponsorts and Supporters

Thanks to major prize sponsor Callaway Golf Australia New Zealand, as well as support from Drummond GolfGolf Australia and Social Golf Australia.

About AIFN Golf

Indigenous Golf Drawing 2

AIFN Golf was created to give hard-working (and stressed or worn-out) Aboriginal Indigenous First Nation individuals (husbands and wives, young couples and families) a chance to break away from their work and studies and just enjoy life with their partners, children and mates. It also allows the community to connect -- not only on the golf course but as couples, family and friends. Most importantly, it allows them to be appreciated and rewarded for their continual hard work in their community in their respective workplaces.

First Nation People love their sport - AFL, Rugby League, Basketball and Tennis. And now, more are taking up golf.  Golf is a relaxing and satisfying sport that brings the elements of Calmness, Patience and Relaxation (at least until you hit a slice or miss that birdie or par!) and the Finesse that makes each player connect individually as they look down that fairway or hit that drive and even sinking their first-ever eagle or birdie.

AIFN Golf hopes to bring this great sport to a new generation of golfers (who knows...maybe even the next Tiger Woods!), and help these hard-working families to know that they are appreciated for their continual commitment in their everyday lives as hard-working good role models in their community.

For more information about AIFN Golf, contact John Fejo here or phone 0429042774.