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The following are the Terms and Conditions for Social Golf Australia's events, handicaps and competitions.

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SGA Golf Club Handicap - Ts & Cs

To access an official golf handicap through The SGA Golf Club, individual members must agree to abide by the following:

  1. Members agree to receive Golf Australia and GOLF Link marketing and promotional material.
  2. Members authorise Social Golf Australia to disclose membership details to Golf Australia in accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 (C/w).
  3. Handicaps through The SGA Golf Club are for a 12-month period, starting on the date when SGA receives payment.
  4. To activate the initial handicap, members need to submit to the SGA handicapper scores of 54 holes (no more than 12 months old) signed by an approved playing partner (a golfer affiliated with Australian golf) to attest the scores are true and the round was played in accordance with the rules of golf. The card needs to show the scores and par for each hole, the signature and the PCC (Playing Conditions Calculation - which will be set at 0 by default when submitting cards. An approved playing partner includes members of Golf Australia affiliated clubs. Cards are valid as long as all the necessary details on the card are clearly legible. These can be:
    • faxed to SGA
    • posted as originals or photocopies
    • photographed or scanned and emailed to SGA
  5. Social Golf Australia must not display any official Australian handicaps on a website.
  6. Members accept that some private clubs restrict entry in their club competitions.
  7. The Club will upload to Golf Link any non-home club members with Golf Australia handicaps with their Home Club Golf Link number.
  8. The handicap will not be issued until full payment is received.
  9. The SGA Golf Club agrees to promote and uphold the Rules of Golf.
  10. Handicap Members with SGA agree to promote, uphold and play by the Rules of Golf.
  11. The Club and its members must observe the requirements of Golf Australia in relation to the use and protection of all names, trademarks and other intellectual property of Golf Australia and Golf Link.
  12. Member payments are to be made to ‘Social Golf Australia’.
  13. All payment amounts include GST.
  14. Social Golf Australia must pay per member affiliation fees.
  15. The total member payment for a handicap for 12 months is $98 for adults and $68 for juniors (under 18).
  16. To qualify for an official handicap through The SGA Golf Club, individuals must be a member of the club and SGA retains the sole discretion for membership of the club.
  17. The conferral or withdrawal of membership with Social Golf Australia remains at the sole discretion of SGA.
  18. The Club:

a. Must at all times comply with the directions of Golf Australia.
b. Acknowledges that at any time Golf Australia may cancel, vary, amend or redevelop the handicapping system or Golf Link in any way.
c. Must follow the guidelines for the use of Golf Link as supplied and altered from time to time.
d. Acknowledges that Golf Australia may at any time rescind or vary any rights.



Official golf handicaps through Social Golf Australia (SGA) were originally offered in 2007 (as Bushranger Golf (BRG)) through the Golf Access Australia (GAA) programme, which was a joint initiative of Golf Australia, its Member States and the Australian Sports Commission to increase participation in golf and provide a pathway to golf club membership throughout Australia.

In order to become an accredited Social Club and participate in the program, we  agreed to adhere to the Accreditation Conditions in order to maintain the integrity of GAA and the game of golf. In 2012 the handicapping landscape changed with the rollback of the GAA program and, at the suggestion of Golf Australia, we shifted affiliation to Golf Victoria via the Victorian Golf League (VGL). As a bona fide VGL member club, some of the conditions of the GAA program no longer apply.

In late 2014, SGA founded The SGA Golf Club to be a national handicap provider under the SGA brand. BRG and SGA are both national providers offering official golf handicaps and GOLF Link numbers to golfers in every State and Territory of Australia.

SGA Events - Ts & Cs

To play in any SGA Event, players agree to abide by the following:

  1. Events are under the management and control of Social Golf Australia (SGA).
  2. All players pay an event Entry Fee that covers green fees and Novelty Prizes (NTPs, Long Drives etc).
  3. Players with GOLF Link numbers can pay an additional Competition Fee of $10 to enter the event and compete for the prizes on offer and have their scores included in the event on GOLF Link.
  4. Cancellations within 24 hours of the event forfeit Entry and Competition Fees. If the course has not yet been paid in full and/or a replacement player is found, the Entry Fee may be credited towards another event at the discretion of SGA.
  5. For results to be entered on GOLF Link, entrants must hold a current official Australian golf handicap.
  6. SGA may appoint a designated club delegate or event manager to collect, collate and submit scores.
  7. Players are responsible for ensuring they play off the correct handicap, their cards are correctly marked, checked, signed and submitted to the SGA Tour Manager or delegate after the round. Players who do not submit their cards, risk forfeiting their right to being included in the official event results on GOLF Link and/or the SGA Order of Merit (OOM) points.
  8. SGA Tour Members must be entered in the competition on the day to qualify to receive OOM points for the event and/or to have scores included in the 4BBB Championship.
  9. Male and female golfers are welcome to enter and the SGA Tour events are mixed competitions. As we cannot create mixed competitions on GOLF Link, we must create separate comps for men and women on GOLF Link.
  10. Prizes are awarded at the sole discretion of SGA.
  11. All enquiries pertaining to SGA events are to be made directly to SGA.
  12. All golfers holding a current, official Golf Australia or Golf Access Australia (GAA) handicap are eligible to enter and participate. Your GOLF Link number must be provided as proof of handicap and additional proof of handicap may be requested prior to play.
  13. Players without handicaps are welcome to participate, but will only be playing a social round. Non-handicapped players can win Novelty Events only.
  14. When playing Stableford or Par, players are asked to "pick up" if they cannot score.
  15. Tee times and groupings will be allocated at the discretion of SGA.
  16. Handicap adjustments in accordance with the current Australian handicapping system will be made after each event. It is solely the player's responsibility to play off the correct valid handicap in each round. Players must check their handicaps prior to play in each event. Playing from an incorrect handicap during an event is grounds for disqualification.
  17. Players are not permitted to mark their own  cards. Players are to swap cards with playing partners prior to the round.
  18. There will be no playoffs. Winners will be decided using the count-back system. The count-back will be taken from the last nine holes, then the last six, then the last three holes and so forth until a winner is declared.
  19. Maximum official handicaps for ladies is 45 and for men is 36.
  20. Entries close for each event when the field is full. Entries made after a field is full will kept on a waiting list.
  21. Figures quoted for Entry Fees and Competition Fees are based on a per-person basis in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.
  22. Payment of entry fees are due seven days prior to the event.
  23. Players on the Waiting List list will be given first option to fill any unpaid spaces after this date.
  24. Players driving electric golf carts must hold a current Australian or International driver's license, otherwise you remain a passenger for the duration of the event.
  25. All competitors, partners, family and their guests participate in SGA events at their own risk.
  26. Damages to or theft from (if any) the participating courses (and/or but not limited to), electric carts, surrounding residential areas, entrances,SGA property, car parks, garden beds and any other and all property is to be paid for by the individual(s) responsible.
  27. The participating courses and SGA reserve the right to refuse entry into events, disqualify and/or remove any person or people from the golf course premises in the event of anti-social behaviour, verbal abuse toward staff or abuse of the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) act without notice. The participating courses and SGA management will solely determine what is and what is not anti-social behaviour. No further correspondence will be entered into.
  28. The participating courses and SGA reserve the right to withdraw, cancel or vary the event without notice.
  29. In the event of wet weather, the SGA Tour Manager will monitor the golf course and weather bureau closely then make a decision on the conditions in due time.
  30. If an event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or for other reasons, that event will be rescheduled or cancelled at the discretion of SGA and players will receive either a credit or refund for entry payments contingent upon the refund and credit policies of the golf course involved.
  31. Once all of the field has completed nine holes of play, an event will be considered live and if some or all players cannot complete their round due to weather conditions or other external factors, calculations will be made according to the Australian Handicapping System to assign an 18-hole score for each player.
  32. If not all the players in the field have completed nine holes when weather suspends play, SGA will be the sole arbiter of whether the competition stands, is cancelled or rescheduled.
  33. SGA reserves the right to suspend, withdraw, refuse entry or disqualify any player without notice.
  34. The conferral or withdrawal of membership with SGA remains at the sole discretion of SGA.
  35. The participating courses and SGA reserve the right to amend any conditions, playing conditions, format, rules or terms before, during or after the event without notice.
  36. Decision made by SGA are final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  37. The participating courses, SGA, sponsors and other suppliers of goods or services accept no liability for any death, injury, property loss or damage incurred during or arising out of any aspect of the conduct of SGA events. SGA events shall be under the management and control of SGA in conjunction with management of the venues.
  38. The competition shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as adopted by the R&A and subject to such local rules as are in force on the course over which the competition takes place.
  39. Competitors are required to comply with the dress regulations of the participating courses.
  40. All entrants in events agree to abide by the rules of the participating courses.
  41. No responsibility will be taken by SGA for any misdirected payments, cheques, money orders or deposits made by EFT. If payment has been misdirected, it is the player's responsibility to track down the lost payment and provide proof of the transaction.
  42. Players participating in SGA events agree to abide by the rules and etiquette of golf, in particular as this applies to the consideration towards and safety of other people on the golf course.
  43. The term "FORE!" is to be used by a player or their group to warn any person/s on, near or surrounding the golf course boundary of a moving ball that may cause harm. If a person has been hit by a golf ball, golf club or any other part of a player's equipment that player is deemed responsible for any and all damages that may be incurred. SGA, the participating courses, sponsors, suppliers and/or any person or organisation associated with SGA events will not be held liable in any circumstances.
  44. Golf activities can be dangerous. All competitors understand that they are exposed to certain risks during golf activities and that accidents can and do happen.  Acceptance of entry releases SGA and the participating courses from all claims that entrants may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with  participation and indemnifies each competitor and will keep indemnified Social Golf Australia and the participating courses in respect of any claim by any person arising as a result of or in connection with participation in any golf activities.
  45. By entering the event, players agree to and acknowledges that they have read this section (Terms and Conditions of entry into SGA events) and agree to abide and be bound by them.

SGA Online Competitions - Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all Social Golf Australia competitions (Website, Social Media, etc).

1. Entrants register via the website:, or via the SGA Facebook Page or Third-party site. By entering, you agree to be bound by all terms of the competition.
2. Registration requires entrants provide name, username, mobile phone and email address. Entrants agree that, by entering, they may be subscribed to the free Social Golf Australia monthly newsletter (and can unsubscribe at any time), as well as the database to the partner/supplier of the competition prize itself (when applicable). In regards to Facebook: Social Golf Australia promotions are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to Social Golf Australia and not to Facebook.
3. At the completion of each competition period (usually at the end of a month) a representative of Social Golf Australia will select the winner – either via the specific competition rules, or, in the case of a random draw competition, a name at random from the list of entries during the promotional period to date.
4. The draw will be held as follows: A list of all entries to date will be generated in spreadsheet form, and each entry will be assigned a corresponding “number”. A random number generator will be used to generate a number ranging between the total number of entries. The random number will then be compared to the corresponding number on the spreadsheet to determine the winner.
5. Social Golf Australia will contact the winner via phone and/or email/Facebook to arrange delivery of the prize. If the winner cannot be contacted after a period of 14 days, an alternate winner will be chosen as above.
6. Social Golf Australia (or the prize sponsor) will deliver the prize, and will post the winning name on the website or via Facebook.
7. Social Golf Australia will follow all applicable State and Federal laws pertaining to giveaways and competitions.
8. The promotion will be run/conducted at the Social Golf Australia office in Victoria, Australia.
9. By entering any competition via this website, you authorise Social Golf Australia the right to publish the entry via print or online, via our own site or via the publication/site of the giveaway prize supplier.
10. Unless otherwise noted, the competition is limited to one entry per household or email address, and is open to residents of Australia only.
11. In case of ties, a random name will be drawn from the list of winners.
12. Social Golf Australia has the right to cancel/modify or change a promotion at any time.