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Click here to read our Handicap FAQs with info on the Australian handicap system and accessing a handicap.

Official GOLF Link Handicap with The SGA Golf Club

Social Golf Australia owns and operates Bushranger Golf (BRG), Australia's largest online social golf club with over 1800 members. In 2007, BRG partnered with Golf Australia to become a Golf Access Australia (GAA) official handicap provider for golfers around Australia. With the roll-back of GAA in early 2013, we have switched affiliation to Golf Victoria (through the Victorian Golf League). We have provided over 800  golfers around Australia an official handicap in just three easy steps:

1. Complete the Online Handicap Application (Avaialbe January 1 2015)
2. Submit three (or more) signed scorecards OR your previous GOLF Link number
3. Make the $95 annual payment to Social Golf Australia


The Benefits of an official golf handicap with The SGA Golf Club

  • Your own official GOLF Link handicap swipe card.
  • A starter pack with rules, etiquette and general information.
  • Access to GOLF Link, Golf Australia's national online handicapping system.
  • A valid Australian affiliate handicap for one year from the date SGA registers you with GOLF Link.
  • Coverage through Golf Australia's Personal Insurance Plan (PIP) which includes 3rd party liability insurance. Note that limits apply to the insurance cover.

Three Steps to get an official golf handicap with The SGA Golf Club

1. Complete the Online Handicap Application







2. Submit three (or more) signed scorecards and/or your previous GOLF Link number

If you have held a handicap previously, we will transfer your handicap using your previous GOLF Link number and you will retain all your playing history. If you last handicap had been active recently (within 12 months), you will not need to submit scorecards. If you are getting a handicap for the first time or your handicap has been inactive for more than 12 months, we require three or more signed scorecards. When submitting cards, the details we need clearly visible on the cards are:

  • Your name
  • The score for each hole
  • The date of the game
  • The marker's signature
  • The name of the course
  • The tees you played from
  • The Scratch Rating or DSR

If any of these aren't clear, please write them on the card yourself before submitting. Your options for sending are:

  • Mail the originals or photocopies to: PO Box 261, Heathcote, Vic, 3523
  • Fax copies to Social Golf Australia on (03) 5433 3530
  • Scan or photograph the cards and email to matt (at)

3. Make the $95 annual payment to Social Golf Australia


  • Mail a cheque to Social Golf Australia (to PO Box 261, Heathcote, Vic, 3523)
  • Complete credit card details (VISA & MC only) on the Online Handicap Application
  • EFT or direct deposit (with your name in the payment reference) to:

Social Golf Australia
Bendigo Bank
BSB 633000
Account Number 130203821

Once all the above details are completed, we will calculate your initial handicap and enter your details on the GOLF Link system. We will email your GOLF Link number and handicap to you, which will be active immediately. GOLF Link will send you out a GOLF Link card within three weeks. However, once you have your GOLF Link number, your handicap is valid and active so you can play in competitions before your card arrives.

What happens next?

Once you have applied for your handicap nd completed all the necessary requirements, we will calculate and activate handicap within three working days. Once payment is received, we will enter your details on the GOLF Link system. This will automatically generate your GOLF Link Membership handicap card that will be mailed to you by GOLF Link. Your handicap will be active as soon as we enter your details on GOLF Link and we will email all the information you require (inc your GOLF Link number and your starting handicap) the same day.

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A little about GOLF Link (from the Golf Australia website)

GOLF Link is Golf Australia's national computerised golf handicapping system that started officially in January 1999. Members use a plastic "swipe" card to access handicaps at golf clubs around Australia. The swipe card is used to confirm and update handicaps, verify club memberships and enter competitions. The centralised system is overseen by Golf Australia and replaced the existing club-based handicap systems. All golfers are issued with a GOLF Link handicap card which is used by club systems to identify the golfer to the national handicapping system.

The major benefits of implementing GOLF Link are:

  • Uniform method of identification
  • Automatic return of visitors' scores
  • Consistent application of handicapping rules
  • Verification of each visitor's membership and handicap
  • Special offers for golfers

In mid 2002, Golf Australia, Member States and clubs re-evaluated the project and it was agreed that a minimal fee be introduced, to clubs utilizing the service, to cover the cost of the project. The fee agreed to was a charge to clubs of $2.50 (plus GST) per affiliated member. This allowed the upgrade of the system to more modern hardware & software including the development of a fully internet based system. The implementation of this new system commenced in mid 2003 and was rolled out to participating clubs by mid 2005. The system covers 80% (or more) of Australia's club membership. This fee is covered for members of The SGA Golf Club who hold an official in the fee of $95. For more information on the Golf Link system, click here for the GOLF Link website.